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Masonry and Stone Barbecues

The barbecues are delivered in component parts, which are simply glued together with a special adhesive. Mortar and paint are not needed.

The masonry barbecues are ready for self assembly complete with masonry paint and ready mixed mortar.
Please note: The Landmann Selarno BBQ and Callow BBQ's are not supplied with mortar or white paint.

Outdoor barbecues and Masonry Barbecue Accessories Bargain Masonry BBQ easy to assemble masonry stone barbecues.
Buschbeck masonry  barbeques now available.
Buschbeck  BBQ's are made in Germany and are excellent for a log fire after your BBQ to help you stay outside for longer.

If your looking for replacement grills or covers have a look at our range of Masonry Barbecue Accessories.
Londres Light Stone Charcoal BBQ
New For 2022 Large modern BBQ with a light stone design.
Londres Dark Stone Charcoal BBQ
New For 2022 Large modern BBQ with a Dark stone design.
Buschbeck Milano Masonry Barbecue
Pure white quartz upper structure surface together with the brown combustion chamber and wood compartment create a beautiful contrast in the Buschbeck Milano masonry barbecue fireplace.

(-4.76%)  599.99
Musalla Masonry BBQ
The Musalla Masonry BBQ model is a beautiful addition to any garden patio.
The BBQ can be viewed from any angle due to its classic and simple construction.

(-7.14%)  649.99
Buschbeck Rondo Masonry Barbecue
The Rondo masonry barbecue fulfils the highest combined standards of functionality and design.
The stunning white quartz surface is complimented by a real copper insert set within the mantelpiece.

(-4.82%)  789.99
Big K York Crystal BBQ
Natural coloured barbecue made of white marble granulate with sides in decor bricks, which give a brick effect in a pleasant red-brown colour complementing the English brick house style.

Callow Mediteranni Brick BBQ
Huge 76cm x 44cm cooking area.
Super brick Style enhances any outdoor cooking area.

(-5.26%)  899.99
Mediterrani Stone BBQ With Side Tables
Complete Outdoor Charcoal Barbecue.
Great build quality, incredibly strong.

Buschbeck Toscana Masonry barbecue
The Toscana fireplace has an exclusive Mediterranean look and feel to it. The high quality white quartz structure is complimented superbly by the contrasting terracotta fire box and fuel storage area.

(-2.99%)  649.99
Mediterrani Outdoor Wood Oven
The Mediterrani Outdoor Wood Oven is very simple in its design using techniques that date back centuries.
Perfect for Making pizzas, 60 seconds for a pizza to cook, Tandoori Chicken is very good too.

With a wide range of temperatures from low and slow through to a hot 400 degrees or more, any style of cooking can be achieved.
Built into the oven is a special facility which allows the use of a manual spit, very useful for a leg of lamb.

Free Delivery.
7 to 21 Days Delivery.
(-6.67%)  699.99
Buschbeck St Moritz Masonry Barbecue
Elegance and function are unified within the fantastic Buschbeck St Moritz masonry barbecue fireplace.

(-2.99%)  649.99
Buschbeck Venedig Masonry Barbecue
The Buschbeck  Venedig masonry barbecue represents modern architecture for your garden!

(-5.62%)  839.99
Buschbeck Ambiente Masonry Barbecue
Mediterranean styled barbecue that doubles as an outdoor fireplace.

(-15.66%)  699.99
Desert Crystal Premier Stone BBQ
Barbecue with natural colors, made of marble granulate.
Worktop and fireplace is in rosa asiago with a crystal polished finish.

Complete with 60 X 40cm chromium plated grill adjustable on three levels.
(-8.33%)  549.99
Tucson Premier Stone Barbecue
Delicious patio barbecue grilling with the Mediterranean style Tucson Masonry BBQ.

Cooking area: 47cm x 32cm
Buschbeck San Remo Masonry barbecue
The rustic elegance of the Buschbeck San Remo masonry barbecue fireplace with its contrasting white granite structure and brown fire box and fuel storage area gives it a very distinctive appearance.

(-4.17%)  689.99
Buschbeck Davos Masonry barbecue
The Buschbeck Davos barbecue fireplace has an exclusive and contemporary look and feel to it.

(-4.17%)  689.99
Landmann Selarno Masonry BBQ
Building mortar and paint to be supplied completed by you. This allows us to sell at a budget price.

Buschbeck Venezia masonry barbecue
Mediterranean styled barbecue that doubles as an outdoor fireplace.
(-6.94%)  669.99