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How to Roast on a Gas BBQ

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How to Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Gas BBQ
Indirect Cooking (Roasting) on a Gas BBQ

If you enjoy cooking outdoors this is the best and most rewarding method of barbecuing although it takes more time you will produce fantastic dishes, be in control and it will prolong your barbecuing season well into the Winter.

You will be able to roast chickens, joints of meat, whole fish and even vegetables.
Your gas barbecue will need at least 2 burners and a hood.

The idea is to create an outdoor oven by utilising and selecting the burners on your gas BBQ.

Indirect Cooking Method
Place a drip tray under the cooking grill on the right hand side of the gas BBQ and replace the grill.

The joint of meat or chicken is placed above the drip tray on the cooking grill. The one shown above is rolled brisket with a mustard glaze and has already finished cooking.

Turn on the left hand side burner (the burner on the other side from the meat) now close the lid and leave closed for at least one hour. The joint will roast and cook without flames because the BBQ gas burner is well away from the meat.

After one hour or half way through coking time turn the joint around 180 degrees (to ensure even cooking) and close the BBQ lid. leave for another hour.

You can check to see if your meat is cooked by purchasing a thermometer or pierce the meat to he centre with a skewer and see if the juices run clear. 

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

Cooking times depend on the size of you joint and the temperature outside.

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