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BBQ Cover Sale

Barbecue cover sale, protect your BBQ this Winter at a bargain price.
BBQ Cover Sale

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Best price BBQ Egg

Best price BBQ Egg

New For the 2019 Season a charcoal ceramic portable mini Kamado egg at a great price of only £145.99

A cheap but quality kamado BBQ egg. Small, portable and versatile. Must be the lowest price ceramic charcoal BBQ egg on the market.

It's worth a look and you will be able smoke, roast and grill over charcoal in a ceramic egg at a bargain price.

Cheap BBQ Egg
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Large Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ

Large Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ
We think it's the best quality charcoal rotisserie BBQ available.

With 9 kebab skewers, main spit holds 2 chickens and barbecue rotisserie baskets included.

Perfect hands free barbecuing and delicious results every time.

£250 off list price of £849.99 and now on sale at £599.99 with a free cover and free delivery.

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Football BBQ Chicken

Football BBQ ChickenWorld Cup Football and Barbecuing?
Try our football chicken BBQ recipe.

You can barbecue and still watch the game!

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BBQ Black Banana

BBQ Black BananaBanana cut with a sharp knife and then mash with a fork. add chocolate and grill on the barbecue.
Quick and easy BBQ pudding.

Black Banana Recipes
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BBQ Gammon Steaks

BBQ Gammon SteaksFor a quick barbecue BBQ gammon steaks are ideal.
Spray each gammon with cooking oil to help them stop sticking to the grill.

With a very hot barbecue to get that char-grilled flavour, grill for about 8 minutes each side.
Best served with double egg and chips.

For a larger meal add our  BBQ Sausages Recipe

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