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How To Light The Perfect BBQ

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How To Light The Perfect BBQ
  • How To Light The Perfect BBQ
  • How To Light The Perfect BBQ
  • How To Light The Perfect BBQ
How To Light Your BBQ.

Fire lighters and Charcoal
Build a pyramid shape with the charcoal and insert charcoal firelighters. Light and wait for 20 to 30 minutes.

Spread the Charcoal
Use a barbecue tool to spread out the charcoal. Be patient, Its not ready for cooking until it's grey or covered in ash.

Be Patient
The biggest mistake is to start cooking before the charcoal is ready.
If your barbecue party starts at 7.00, light the barbecue at 6.30 .

Do not spread the charcoal more than 2/3 on the charcoal grate.
This will help if if you have flames or flare-ups you can move the food to a cooler part of the grill.

Charcoal Storage.

Store your charcoal in a cool dry place. A garage or shed is ideal but it must be off the floor.
A plastic dustbin is ideal.
Proper storage will eliminate the use of starter fluids.


When you have finished cooking, close the lid of the barbecue and close the air vents.
In the morning you will be able to salvage some left over charcoal.

Just place in a plastic throw-away shopping bag and shake.
All the dust will have come off the charcoal and it will be ready to use again.

Silver cooking foil.

Is a must for keeping food warm and cooking on the barbecue.
Also for storing pre-prepared barbecue courses in the fridge.

The Cooking Grill.

Always lightly oil the cooking grill before barbecuing this will help stop food sticking.
Use cooking oil.

Heat control.

Don't cover the whole base of the barbecue with charcoal. leave some space for a cooler section so you can move food around.
If you have a lid on your barbecue use it to control any flames or flare ups. No oxygen no fire.

Adding More Charcoal.

If you need to add more charcoal , place it around the edge.
The best way to add more charcoal is to buy a charcoal starter.

High Far Content Foods.

The most problems with flames and flare ups are caused by food with a high fat content.
Cook these foods using the indirect method.

Indirect Cooking. (Roasting)

If cooking indirect you will have to practice with the vents on your barbecue to get it just right. Try all vents half way open first.

Charcoal Position Works Like a Warming Rack.

Do not spread the charcoal more than 2/3 on the charcoal grate.

You will be able to cook your food more easily and if you get any flames or flare ups just move the food away from the hot charcoal.

This method also works well if you don't have a warming rack.
You can place the charcoal in the middle or to one side both methods work well.

Charcoal Chimney Starters

If you barbecue for more than 4 persons or have long barbecue afternoon parties, you will love the chimney charcoal starters.
Ideal for grilling and a must if you roast or smoke food on your BBQ.

Just add a couple of lighters, top up with charcoal and be ready for grilling in no time!
Also excellent when your charcoal is dying out and needs topping up with red hot coals, so you can continue grilling.