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Masonry and Stone Barbecues

The barbecues are delivered in component parts, which are simply glued together with a special adhesive. Mortar and paint are not needed.

The masonry barbecues are ready for self assembly complete with masonry paint and ready mixed mortar.
Please note: The Landmann Selarno BBQ and Callow BBQ's are not supplied with mortar or white paint.

Outdoor barbecues and Masonry Barbecue Accessories Bargain Masonry BBQ easy to assemble masonry stone barbecues.
Buschbeck masonry  barbeques now available.
Buschbeck  BBQ's are made in Germany and are excellent for a log fire after your BBQ to help you stay outside for longer.

If your looking for replacement grills or covers have a look at our range of Masonry Barbecue Accessories.
Buschbeck Luzern Masonry Barbecue Fireplace
This Buschbeck Fireplace and BBQ Grill Bar is stunning in white quartz and anthracite.
Super design of a barbecue to create a beautiful focal point in your garden.
(-6.00%)  469.99
Buschbeck Venedig Grill Bar Masonry Barbecue
In stunning a stunning pure white quartz finish the Buschbeck Venedig Grillbar has all the superb features of a standard Buschbeck barbecue / outdoor fireplace without a chimney.
(-6.00%)  469.99
Spring Masonry BBQ
The Spring BBQ is an attractive and affordable Charcoal Masonry BBQ for the Garden.

Mediterrani Slate Charcoal Masonry BBQ
Mediterrani Dark Slate Masonry BBQ - Incredible Quality and Performance.

Pan American Brick Masonry BBQ Grill
The Ultimate in Wood BBQ Grilling.
Using a side Brazier you can create a real log fire - using hardwoods such as oak or beech.
(-12.66%)  1,999.99
 Jesolo 2 Masonry Barbecue
This barbecue can be fired using wood or charcoal.
(-4.82%)  789.99
Portorose Premium Masonry Barbecue
Very Large adjustable grill with large 76 x 40cm cooking surface.
 Guanaco 2 beautiful Masonry Charcoal Barbecue
Polished Marmotech worktop for a deluxe finish.
Buschbeck Carmen Masonry Barbecue With Side Table
The Buschbeck Carmen barbecue fireplace with side table is ideal if you need extra workspace.

(-3.23%)  599.99
Callow Rondo Masonry BBQ With a Stainless Steel Chimney
With its unique oval shape and Stainless Steel Chimney, the Rondo is a high quality BBQ for your Garden.

(-5.00%)  949.99
Tampere Modern Large Masonry BBQ
One of the most stylish and best looking masonry barbecues.
A really nice blend of rustic light slate and modern cast chimney.
Tampere Light Slate Masonry BBQ
The Tampere Masonry BBQ is finished in a beautiful light slate.
Built with quality materials and a great design.

Buschbeck Carmen Masonry Barbecue
Mediterranean styled barbecue that doubles as an outdoor fireplace.
Grey masonry barbecue with terracotta worktop.

(-3.45%)  559.99
Buschbeck Stockholm Masonry Barbecue
Mediterranean styled barbecue that doubles as an outdoor fireplace.

(-2.99%)  649.99
Buschbeck Elba Masonry Barbecue
The Buschbeck Elba masonry barbecue fireplace has a white quartz textured & washed surface with a stainless steel
insert on the mantle piece which gives the Buschbeck Elba a very elegant appearance.

(-4.17%)  689.99
Buschbeck Bologna Masonry Barbecue
High quality white quartz structure and contrasting terracotta fire box.
Plus adding to the stunning visual appearance is a real copper metal insert.

(-4.17%)  689.99
Rondo Light Slate Masonry BBQ
High quality Barbeque which is ideal for any Garden.

Rondo Dark Slate Masonry BBQ
The Rondo  Masonry BBQ is undeniably the leader of with its most originally shaped and beautifully crafted built in barbecue.