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Masonry BBQ Covers

Protect your masonry BBQ with our selection of covers. Suitable for Big K range of masonry and stone barbecues. We also stock a Buschbeck masonry BBQ cover which fits all Buschbeck barbecues with a chimney hood. Don't cover up a wet BBQ, always cover up your masonry BBQ when it's dry and keep the cooking grills indoors.

These stone BBQ covers will also protect in dry conditions from dust and dirt. Most stone and masonry barbecues will endure all types of weather but a cover will add extra protection against an heavy frost and help keep it clean.
Small Masonry Barbecue Cover
Small Cover:
Suitable for the following models:
Traditional Range: Alicante, Dallas. Stone Range: Giza, Tenere, York.

Width: 120cm
Depth: 80cm 
Height: 224cm
Large Masonry Barbecue Cover
Large Cover:

Suitable for the following models:
Martinica, Stone Range: Algeri, Boavista

Width: 164cm
Depth: 92cm 
Height: 240cm 
Masonry Barbecue Cover With Side Table
Suitable for the following models: Dubai Crystal, Granada, Oxford, Niger

Width: 220cm
Depth: 92cm 
Height: 220cm
Masonry Barbecue Cover With 2 Side Tables
Suitable for the following models: Mallorca, Dakota

Width: 250cm
Depth: 92cm 
Height: 220cm 
(-14.29%)  59.99
Buschbeck Masonry BBQ Cover
This high quality cover has a zipper and hook-and-loop tapes and is ideal for protecting your Buschbeck masonry barbecue / fireplace throughout all the seasons.
Buschbeck Small Masonry BBQ Cover
High quality Buschbeck small BBQ cover.