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Enter the tasty world of barbecue food smoking and experience the difference of real smoked meat and fish. Indeed, barbecue smokers give a great taste to your food. Specifically designed for low-temperature cooking, these produce lots of smoke which gives this specific, great taste to your meat or fish.

There are plenty different types of smokers for sale available at Planet Barbecue: American Style Smokers, Electric Smokers and Portable BBQ Smokers. Just browse this section and find the one best suited to your needs.

Our selection of smokers will suit all budgets and sizes. Looking for BBQ Pellet Smokers See Full Range of Pellet Smokers

✔ BBQ Kettle Smokers Including  Smokey Mountain and Stovetop Smokers.

Together with barbecue rubs, sauces and your selected choice of wood, you will be able to achieve the most delicious smoked BBQ food with less effort than you think. You may be interested in discovering our range of BBQ Fuel.
The Callow Smoke n Grill Water Smoker

Grill, roast or smoke your food. Complete with water bowl and 2 cooking grills.

Free Cover
High density 0.9mm carbon steel with quality powder coating.

(-7.69%)  119.99
Landmann Kentucky Smoker BBQ With Fire Box
Smoke or roast up to four chickens or a large leg of pork in the versatile Kentucky smoker.

Place charcoal in the side fire box and in around 20 minutes your ready to cook.
(-13.33%)  259.99
Callow Pit Barrel Smoker Cooker
The Pit Barrel Cooker is great for cooking all kind of food. It combines both barbecuing and smoking in one unit making a beautiful flavoursome cooked meats.

It takes slightly longer than a traditional barbecue but less than a smoker so really you get the best of both worlds.
(-9.09%)  299.99
Tepro Biloxi Offset Smoker
This offset BBQ Smoker is a real eye-catcher which you can use to smoke and exciting recipes.

Grill over a bed of hot coals or smoke using the forebox and cooking chamber.

You don't need to a be a professional barbecue chef to produce delicious smoked food.
American Char-griller Gas BBQ Smoker
Excellent for grilling, roasting and smoking and will give results similar to cooking over charcoal.
3 Burner plus side burner.

Heavy solid steel construction.
Enamelled cast iron grills plus large integrated warming rack.
Landmann Vinson Barrell Charcoal BBQ
Heavy duty solid barrel BBQ Designed in Germany
(-12.00%)  219.99
Vinson Gas Smoker by Landmann
New for 2019 The Vinson Gas BBQ Smoker

Excellent for repeatable results.
Powerfull 3.2KW Burner.
(-3.33%)  289.99
Callow Wichita BBQ Smoker With Side Fire Box

Add pure flavour and enjoy slow cooked food using an offset BBQ smoker.

The Offset Smoker Grill can either be used for long and slow smoking or general grilling and barbecuing.

Full control over the temperature as well as the smoke by using the lid, vents in the firebox and the main chamber.

Char-griller Wrangler Charcoal Barbecue Smoker With Firebox
True American style smoker imported from the USA.
Made from heavy gauge steel and double steel bottom.

Main chamber cooking area: 52 x 50 cm
Fire box cooking area: 43 x 37 cm

Large warming rack included.
Adjustable height charcoal grates for great cooking control.
Landmann Vinson BBQ Smoker
Unique Landmann design

16" (: 42,14cm) curved end caps for better heat & smoke circulation

£50 of Free BBQ Smoking Accessories with this Smoker.

(-12.50%)  349.99
Outdoor Portable Fish  Smoker  Oven
This mini outdoor Smoker Oven is used with wood chips to smoke fish and BBQ meats outdoors.
Super mini smoker that can be used in many locations.
Great for smoking freshly caught fish at the river bank or on the beach.
(-10.00%)  44.99
The Char-Griller Duo BBQ With Free Accessories
Every grill lover's dream! Charcoal and gas grilling all in one grill!
3 Stainless steel burners
Side burner
The Char-Griller® Duo provides 1,260 sq. in. of BBQ grilling and smoking space.
Porcelain cooking grates for even heating

£50 of Free Accessories with this BBQ
Toronto XXL Charcoal BBQ Smoker

The Charcoal Toronto XXL BBQ is the bigger than most. It has 3 enamelled grills with a total surface area of approximately 70 x 46cm.

American BBQ Grill incorporates an enamelled charcoal tray with a six-fold variable height adjustment operated by a crank handle.
Enjoy barbecue and smoking food all year round.

Additional enamelled warming rack which is roughly 68 x 24 cm.
Black powder coated with stainless steel features.

Landmann Taurus 660 Charcoal BBQ
 Powder coated  lid and enamelled 3 part cooking grill.
Chrome plated cooking grill.
Stable Removable side shelve and large warming rack.
Thermometer in lid plus ash collection pot.

Cooking Area 66 X 36cm Suitable for up to 10 persons
Width 107 X Height 102 X Depth 53cm
(-11.11%)  239.99
Indianapolis BBQ Smoker
Large Western style BBQ smoker.

Indianapolis Offset BBQ Smoker from Tepro is big enough to cook and smoke a BBQ feast for a very large family or even for commercial use.
The Milwaukee Offset BBQ Smoker
large barbecue smoker made from heavy gauge steel
Landmann Grill Chef Tennessee Broiler BBQ
 Broiler Smoker / BBQ

Super barbecue for grilling and smoking with a large cooking area.
Chrome Plated Cooking Grill.

(-4.00%)  239.99
Landmann Dorado Broiler  Charcoal BBQ
Best design for taste using a combination of charcoal and cast iron grills.
(-6.67%)  279.99
Landmannn Broiler XXL BBQ With Enamel Grill
Large 84 x 45 cm cooking area

Twin height adjustable charcoal grids
Twin Height adjustment handles.

Twin firebox doors 2 side tables.
(-7.89%)  349.99
Landmannn Grill Chef Grand XXL Broiler
heavy duty charcoal barbecue with a massive 84 X 45cm cooking area.
(-10.42%)  429.99