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How to Grill on a Charcoal BBQ

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How to Grill on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Charcoal BBQ
Direct cooking (Grilling) Advice on barbecuing plus lots of Information on how to Barbecue.

When lighting your barbecue don't forget how you use to light a camp fire.
Basic primitive fires were always built in the pyramidal shape, most people seem to totally disregard this method when planning a barbecue.
So arrange your briquettes or lump wood in a pyramidal shape, insert three firelighters evenly spread into the pyramid and light each one with a match.

Leave for twenty to thirty minutes, the flames should now have died down and the charcoal has turned white.
You can now spread the charcoal more evenly around the barbecue rack using a barbecue tool.

The barbecue is now ready for the direct cooking method. (grilling)
Always wait for the flames to die down, the firelighters give off fumes and do not smell very nice. This is because some are soaked in kerosene.

Best BBQ Tips:

Don't cover the entire base of the grid with charcoal, leave a space so you can move food around if it starts to burn. Around 2/3 of the grid should be covered in charcoal for the best results.

Always lightly oil you cooking grill before cooking (use a vegetable spray oil)

Direct cooking method:

The food is placed over the hot charcoal and grilled.
You will have to turn the food several times to avoid burning and charring, try to this with tongs rather than a fork. The fork will pierce the meat and allow juices to drip onto the charcoal and encourage flames.

When the food is cooked, you can keep it warm by using a small area of the barbecue grill covered with a double layer of silver foil, place the cooked food on to the foil, it will keep warm and will help to stop burning. But remember, not to add the foil until you need it.

Tip: Always wait at least 20-30 minutes after lighting the BBQ before you start barbecuing.