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Fire Pits And Log Burners

Fire Baskets, Fire Pits and Log Burner Sale.

Patio heaters, fire pits and log burners make your barbecue party go on longer into the evening.
Planet Barbecue offer a quality range to include cast iron chimneas /  log burners, steel fire baskets and patio gas heaters.

Most enable you to barbecue and include grills to cook over the embers. Landmann Heavy Duty Barrone Outdoor Fire Pit and Outdoor Fire baskets with BBQ Grills. Also the new Ball of Fire Patio Log Burner is now available.

All types of Outdoor Heating available from Planet Barbecue at reduced prices.
Yorkshire Grill and Log Burner
Very heavy duty log burner / cooking grill.
Crafted from highly durable 4mm thick oiled raw steel.
City Lights Firepit and Log Burner
Unique bowl design with 4 Solid legs.
Lifestyle Prestige Fire Pit
Large log burner made from cast iron & steel with brushed copper finish.
Ball of Fire Log Burner
Stay outside later with this stylish log burner.
Outdoor fireplace with spherical spark screen.
(-5.00%)  189.99
Landmann Moon and Stars Fire Pit
Unique cut out of moon and stars in the side of the fire-pit, looks great at night.
(-7.14%)  129.99
Camping Firepit
Steel folding leg camping fire pit with chrome plated cooking grill.
Fuel grate and metal poker tool.
(-33.36%)  39.95
Landmann Fire Wave Log Burner
Colour Bronze effect wit a unique bowl design. Includes spark guard and poker.
Prima Contemporary Stainless Steel Fire Pit
High quality patio log burner. 
Tepro Charcoal Grill  Cranford
A huge grill surface that can easily feed your large family and friends.
Squat Steel and Cast Iron Chimenea
Small chimenea ideal for the patio and burning small logs.
(-42.86%)  39.99
Lifestyle Harlin Firepit Log Burner
Super looking fire pit that will look great on any patio.
Landmann Cross Fire Log Burner with Cooking Grill
Colour Black matt finish.
Unique bowl design.
(-7.85%)  129.00
Heavy Duty Barrone Outdoor Fire Pit
The Landmann Barrone Fire Pit and out door log burner.

Heavy duty spark / fire guard
(-7.14%)  129.99
Dancook 9000 Bonfire / Fire Pit / Grill
The new bonfire from Dancook is a natural gathering point for the whole family.
Tepro Fireplace Anchorage
A bonfire can create a special flair in the garden or on the terrace. 
Tepro Outdoor Chimney Norfolk
A fireplace helps create a unique atmosphere on your patio or in your garden. 
Tepro Cast Iron Fireplace Jacksonville
A fireplace helps create a unique atmosphere on your patio or in your garden.

Tepro Charcoal Grill Lamont
No summer should go without steaks, sausages and BBQ.
Tepro Fireplace Laredo
The Laredo fireplace perfectly combines warmth and cooking.
You can grill on the coals of the open fireplace!