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How to Grill on a Gas BBQ

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How to Grill on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Grill on a Gas BBQ
Direct Cooking (Grilling) on a Gas BBQ

Many people are disappointed with the lack of BBQ flavour that their gas barbecue delivers.
You have been barbecuing over charcoal for years and now decided to give in and purchase a shiny gas BBQ.

You've spent a small fortune on a gas bottle deposit only to find when using your new investment you miss that smoky slightly charred taste from cooking over a real fire.

Hopefully we may be able to help you by showing you a few techniques and tips to improve and achieve true BBQ flavour on a gas BBQ.

Lava Rocks
If your gas BBQ has lava rocks it will work similar to charcoal and you should have no problem when grilling over the lava rock to acquire a good flavour induced into food from the smoke created by the fat dripping onto the rocks.

Gas BBQ Flavour
More difficult to achieve but mostly depends on the quality of the cooking grill. A really cheap gas BBQ will have a lightweight chrome plated grill which is more difficult to result in a char-grilled flavour.

Gas BBQ Purchase
The more money you spend usually results in better quality and the grill will be made of cast iron, enamelled cast iron or stainless steel bars. These are the best and should be the main consideration when purchasing a gas BBQ.

Barbecues without a lid or hood are ideal for grilling but with no hood you will be missing out on roasting and smoking and even spit roasting.

Turn the burners on your gas BBQ to the high position and wait until the cooking grill is very hot.

Very carefully lightly spray or wipe the grill bars with cooking oil. (This will stop the food sticking to the grill) Place the food on the grill and turn the heat down to medium.

if you have a 3 burner gas BBQ turn 2 burners to medium and the 3rd burner to the off position.

Turning one burner off will allow you to have a warming side rack to the BBQ and if you have flames and flare ups you can move food to the cooler side of the grill.

You should now be able to achieve the char-grilled marks and continue until cooked.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

Grilling Sausages 
The most difficult food to grill due to high fat content.

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