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Paella Pans

We have put together a unique selection of authentic, high quality Spanish paella pans, paella cooking equipment and accessories.

Also we have a selection of the finest paella ingredients to create a wonderful dish. Cooking outdoors with paella pans is great fun and you can easily cater for large parties. Excellent for cooking bacon and eggs outside.

Polished Steel Paella Pans

La Ideal" polished steel paella pans from Garcima are very high quality and come with Garcima's distinctive signature red handles.

They are made from cold laminated steel, spun to form their pan shape and then polished by hand. They also use a thicker gauge steel than other paella pan manufacturers to produce a stronger pan less susceptible to warping
Each pan is measured from the top edge (excluding handles).

Each pan has a traditional "dimpled" base to help the heat spread evenly & quickly. The base of these paella pans is also slightly dished allowing the oil to collect in the centre when first frying your ingredients.
The pans are incredibly durable but do remember that as they are made of steel they need to be cleaned and then immediately dried and sealed with a thin coating of oil. This is easily done using a piece of kitchen roll dipped in cooking oil to wipe over the pan
34cm Paella Pan
34cm Polished Steel Paella Pan

Serves around 6 Servings of Paella.
42cm Polished Steel Paella Pan
42cm Polished Steel Paella Pan

Serves around 8 Servings of Paella
60cm Polished Steel Paella Pan
60cm Polished Steel Paella Pan

Serves around 16 Servings of Paella