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Beer Can Chicken Racks

Super product from South Africa: The Beer Bird Chicken Rack. Exciting and fun but seriously tasty chicken.

Once tried you will always want to barbecue chicken using the Beer Bird. Comes complete with recipe book and instructions.
Quality product and ideal barbecue gift.

Your BBQ requires a lid for these products. Beer can chicken is a great way to cook
chicken which you can roast on your BBQ or in the kitchen oven.
Stainless Steel Beer Can Chicken Roaster
Best way to roast poultry on your grill!
Wire set included for barbecuing birds.
Dishwasher safe.
Includes Drip Tray.
Now includes free basting brush.
Camerons Stainless Steel Beer Can Chicken Roaster Wok.
12 Diameter stainless wok with potato and corn-on-the-cob roasters.
Ideal for barbecuing vegetables and potatoes along with the chicken.
Can also be used in a conventional oven indoors

(-45.02%)  10.99
Landmann Beercan Chicken Stand
Made of stainless steel.

Ideal for roasting chickens on the BBQ or in the oven.

Holds 250ml of beer or juice.

Cooks chicken in an upright position making it easy to baste and super presentation on the table.
Steams from the inside for a more succulent chicken.
All Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster and no need to use a beer can!
This Beer can chicken roaster is complete so you don't need the actual beer can.
Fill with your favourite beer or spice flavoured water and insert into chicken.