Planet Barbecue
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Barbecue Fish Holders, Roast Racks and Burger Holders

Make grilling easy using our selection of fish holders and barbecue grill baskets. Turn your food without it sticking to the cooking grill and get better results.

From  triple fish holders to large burger and meat holders, BBQ baskets for vegetables and grill toppers to help stop smaller pieces falling through the grill.

Roast racks for smoking large joints of meat.
Landmann Single Fish Holder
Landmann Stainless Steel Single Fish Holder
Charbroil BBQ Bacon Rack
Now you can barbecue bacon with this non stick bacon rack from Charbroil.

Fat drains from the bacon during cooking.
Ideal for smoking your own bacon.
(-26.68%)  10.99
Charbroil BBQ Claws For Pulled Pork
Stainless steel meat claws that make turning larger joints of meat easy.

The sturdy claws are great for shredding pork or moving large cuts of meat.
(-20.01%)  11.99
Broil King BBQ Skewer Rack
Stainless Steel Presentation Skewer Rack is a high quality accessory for your gas or charcoal BBQ grill.
BBQ Sausage Holder
Never lose a sausage again with this sausage holder for the BBQ.

Holds 6 sausages.
Grillpro Stainless Steel BBQ Pepper Roaster
For small to medium sized peppers. It keeps peppers from burning or sticking to the grill.

Also includes a stainless steel pepper coring tool.

Easy to clean.

Brinkman New Non Stick BBQ Rib Rack
Makes Basting Your Food on the Grill Easy.

Allows more cooking space on your barbecue.

Super for Ribs, Chops and Chicken Portions.

Sits on the grill and is ideal for even cooking and smoking.
Grillpro Stainless Steel Wing / Drum Stick Rack
Stainless chicken roaster accommodates small to medium sized
wings and drum sticks.

Keeps chicken from burning and sticking to grill.
Barbecue Genius Appetizer Shish Kebab Set
Allows you to grill appetizer sized skewers on the barbecue.

Stainless steel rack.

Folds for easy storage.

Includes bamboo skewers
Pack of 50 bamboo Skewers
Suitable for charcoal, gas and  electric barbecue grills.

Just soak in water for 30 minutes before use.
Landmann Rib Rack and Roast Holder.
Stainless steel rack, one side rib rack and one side roast meat holder.
Holds 6 spare ribs or one large joint of meat.

Easy grip for movement on the BBQ
Size: 26 x 33.5 x 9cm
Broil King Mini Burger Press and Burger Holder.
Super for making your own mini burgers with the press and then insert into the non stick burger holder included.
Holds 4 Burgers.
(-35.74%)  8.99
Barbecue Kebab Skewers
Chrome plated
4 per blister pack
BBQ Kebab Holder
Be a Barbecue Genius With this Super Product Comes Boxed So Will Make an Ideal Gift.

Includes six 14" dual prong nickel-chrome plated skewers.

Grill Pro Non-Stick Aluminium Cast Griddle
19" x 10.75" Non-stick cast aluminium double sided griddle
One flat side for frying, and a ridge side for grilling