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Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQ and Grills.

Charcoal barbecue for sale online from Planet Barbecue a company based in Devon UK.
We supply DIY BBQ grill sets, smokers, rotisseries and even barbecues with ovens to make cooking outside lots more fun and enjoyable.

For large charcoal BBQ parties we supply party BBQ's and oil drum charcoal barbecues which are ideal for schools and companies.

Kettle barbecues and oil drums are the best and still the most favourite BBQ to buy online.
Large catering charcoal barbecue, the best quality available along with the Tennessee smoker and Chargriller barbecues. Rotisserie BBQ's from Denmark, super price and super quality. Barrel charcoal barbecues with lids are ideal for grilling and smoking.

Why not build your own BBQ? We can supply the grills and kits. 
Deluxe Stainless Steel Barbeskew Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ
Deluxe Stainless Steel Charcoal BarbeSkew
£ 699.99
Barbeskew A Revolutionary Design Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ
 Heavy Steel Construction Includes: 2 Electric Motors, 9 Kebab Skewers, 1 Main Rotisserie Skewer, Removable Charcoal Tray for Easy cleaning.

Featured on Dragons Den and Multi-Award Winning Invention.

Very Robust at Over 44Kg

Special Offer £250.00 off and Includes a Free Cover and Free Delivery
£ 849.99
(-29.41%) £ 599.99
DIY BBQ Brick Built Grills and Kits
DIY Barbecue Grill Set.

Do it yourself brick built barbecue grill, chrome plated cooking grill- 67 x 39cm approx.

Charcoal Ash Tray,
Charcoal Grid, 
Chrome Cooking Grill 
Building Instructions.

This BBQ DIY kit includes everything you need except the bricks.
£ 39.99
Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
Grill and Bake at the same time using this charcoal DIY build-in BBQ.

This build in barbecue is superior due to the handy built in oven. Keep your barbecue food warm, bake a pizza or try lovely hot bread rolls for your burgers.

Super quality and over double the amount of cooking area.
Possible to slot into your already brick built BBQ (67cm W X 39cm D  Approx.)

The charcoal is under the grill so you can grill your food as usual and the oven is under the charcoal giving you that extra versatility.
£ 64.99
Callow Offset Charcoal BBQ Smoker With Side Fire Box

Add pure flavour and enjoy slow cooked food using an offset BBQ smoker.

The Offset Smoker Grill can either be used for long and slow smoking or general grilling and barbecuing.

Full control over the temperature as well as the smoke by using the lid, vents in the firebox and the main chamber.

£ 169.99
(-11.77%) £ 149.99
Charcoal BBQ Grill Lambada Screwless
Quick and easy assembly, no screws necessary.

This compact Charcoal BBQ grill "LambadaĒ with stand is ideal if you donít have much outdoor space.

The Lambada BBQ Grill can cater for a big group of people. It has two large independently adjustable chrome plated grills measuring 68cm x 44cm (total)

Four levels of height adjustment for the grill racks, allowing control over cooking temperatures.
£ 129.99
Toronto XXL Charcoal BBQ Smoker

The Charcoal Toronto XXL BBQ is the bigger than most. It has 3 enamelled grills with a total surface area of approximately 70 x 46cm.

American BBQ Grill incorporates an enamelled charcoal tray with a six-fold variable height adjustment operated by a crank handle.
Enjoy barbecue and smoking food all year round.

Additional enamelled warming rack which is roughly 68 x 24 cm.
Black powder coated with stainless steel features.

£ 239.99
Landmann Taurus 660 Charcoal BBQ
 Powder coated  lid and enamelled 3 part cooking grill.
Chrome plated cooking grill.
Stable Removable side shelve and large warming rack.
Thermometer in lid plus ash collection pot.

Cooking Area 66 X 36cm Suitable for up to 10 persons
Width 107 X Height 102 X Depth 53cm
£ 199.99
(-5.00%) £ 189.99
Compact Charcoal BarbeSkew
A super versatile compact charcoal BBQ allows you to easily barbecue food using the motorised rotisseries or can be used as a normal BBQ grill. Rotisserie, grill, roast and even smoke your food on the Barbeskew ll 
2 separate quality motors automatically rotate the food so it's self-basting. 

7 Automatic Rotating Skewers
Spit roast an whole chicken!

Special Offer £50.00 off and Includes a Free Cover and Free Delivery.

£ 375.99
(-13.30%) £ 325.99
Landmann Grill Chef Charcoal BBQ
Thermometer in the lid
Enamelled lid and fire bowl
Chrome-plated cooking grill

Charcoal dividers for indirect cooking
Chimney effect for controlling the airflow
Removable ash catcher

Cooking grill diameter 53cm  
£ 99.99
(-10.00%) £ 89.99
Landmannn Broiler XXL
Large 84 x 45 cm cooking area

Twin height adjustable charcoal grids
Twin Height adjustment handles.

Twin firebox doors 2 side tables.
£ 299.99
(-10.00%) £ 269.99
Landmannn Grill Chef Grand XXL Broiler
heavy duty charcoal barbecue with a massive 84 X 45cm cooking area.
£ 349.99
(-5.71%) £ 329.99
Napoleon Charcoal Professional Barbecue
This top of the range charcoal BBQ from Napoleon is ideal for home and commercial use.

Stainless steel construction and a large cooking area of 86 X 46cm
Adjustable charcoal bed for multi level heat control.

Air vent control for grilling, roasting and slow smoking.
£ 1,299.00
Ceramic Tabletop Pizza Oven 21″
This new ceramic pizza oven adds the delicious charred flavour to your pizza including a crispy base. 

Making pizza cooking and preparation more fun outside with the hunger inducing aroma. 

Add flavour that you canít get from a regular indoor kitchen oven.
Pizzas cook more evenly baked on the stone included.

The perfect-oven cooked pizza.
£ 449.99
Trolley Grill Atlanta
The stable giant grill "Atlanta" is a real all-rounder for BBQ enthusiasts.

It features a large grill surface that can easily feed several people.

Not just large enough for XL families, the grill can be used at events and fairs to feed all your hungry guests or customers.
£ 179.99
Dancook 7100 Rotisserie / Grill Barbecue
Anthracite enamel with teflon maintenance friendly surface.
Aluminium coated tray. Sturdy, 6mm chromium plated grid, adjustable in four positions.
Vertical rotisserie barbecuing possible using spit and electric motor.

Cooking Grill W50cm x D32cm

Made in Denmark
£ 49.99
Cowboy Cookout Charcoal Curry Cooker
Cook outdoors using charcoal. Cook curry, pot roast, hotpot, goulash and lots more.
This oven is also suitable for preparing soups, stews, sauces or mulled wine.

Enamelled stew oven with removable pot and lid.
The soup scoop included is a nice touch for serving the food.

Large enough to cook for 4 to 30 Persons.
£ 129.99
Lifestyle Half Barrel Oil Drum BBQ
Charcoal Drum Barbecue with wind shield.
Chrome Plated Cooking Grills.

Cooking Area 40 x 33cm X 2

Product Dimensions:
W 78 X H 84 X D 67cm
£ 109.99
(-9.09%) £ 99.99
Toronto Charcoal BBQ and Smoker Kit
Packed with features, high quality and with adjustable Grill height using the crank handle on the front.
Easy access hatch to the charcoal tray for topping up the charcoal.

2 enamelled cooking grates, black.
Built in temperature gauge and Bottle opener.
Chrome warming rack
£ 189.99
Grandhall Xenon Charcoal BBQ
The Xenon charcoal grill is specially designed for those who love to barbecue with charcoal.
Fully adjustable charcoal basket for easy heat control.

Bottle opener

2 Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grills 
£ 229.99