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How to Roast on a Charcoal BBQ

How to Roast on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Roast on a Charcoal BBQ
Indirect Cooking Roasting and Smoking (your barbecue must have a lid)

Build the pyramid with the charcoal, insert the firelighters and light the barbecue as explained in the direct cooking method. But instead of spreading the white charcoal evenly, position the charcoal to one side. On the other side, place a drip tray.

Indirect cooking method:

The food is placed over the drip tray and the barbecue lid is closed.

This method is slower and more time should be allowed for the cooking, but its ideal for joints of meat or whole chickens, it is also less work and if planned properly will give you more time to socialize and enjoy the occasion.

Leg of lamb with the drip try under the meat.

Best BBQ Tips: A double layer of silver baking foil is ideal for making drip trays.
Always oil you cooking grill before cooking (use vegetable oil)

Note the leg of lamb with the drip try under the meat and the charcoal to the side. This is indirect cooking,  just close the lid and produce delicious results with little work.

The meat will cook more evenly like in a kitchen conventional oven. if the charcoal is set to one side the meat will have to be turned half way through the cooking time, to ensure both sides are cooked.

Sausages are usually hard work to cook when using the direct method because of the high fat content. Try indirect to see how evenly they cook and how much easer it is. But don't forget to allow more time.

When the meat is cooked, you can finish it off, if you wish directly over the coals for a more charcoal cooked appearance.

Indirect Cooking and Smoking  (your barbecue must have a lid)

Open up a new world of barbecuing by smoking your food using wood chips and wood pellets.

A big advantage for the British is that the Americans have been perfecting the art of smoking for years, so there's plenty of advice and recipes available.

You can achieve a successful result using a standard barbecue with a lid, which will give you an introduction into the wonderful taste of smoked food.

The concept of smoking is long and slow indirect cooking, to impart the flavour of the wood being used and to tenderize the chosen meat.

So the challenges facing the regular barbecue griller is to keep the barbecue going for 4 to 6 hours at a lower temperature and to stop the meat drying out during cooking.

How to Keep Your Charcoal Barbecue Going for Hours.

Charcoal Chimney Starters:

The best way to light your barbecue and keep it going for hours at cooking temperature. Just top up your barbecue with hot coals using a Charcoal Chimney Starter.

No firelighters, no lighter fluid and ready in 20 minutes. Refill and light the Charcoal chimney starter during your barbecue and top up when necessary.

Don't worry when your coals are loosing heat and you still want to carry on cooking for your guests.
Just load another batch of charcoal into your barbecue from the charcoal chimney starter.