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Patio Gas Fire Pits and Patio Gas Heaters

Patio gas heaters that will bring warmth to your BBQ party and they look great on any sized patio. Several sizes and styles to choose from. No mess and instant heat using patio gas fire pits and heaters.  
Orchid Green Full Size 13Kw Patio Heater
Ideal for blending into garden spaces and your garden patio.

Stay warm with this powerful 13Kw garden heater.
The Orchid Green patio heater is one of the lightest full size in our range.
Landmann Gas Garden Patio Heater 11kW
Powder coated sheet steel.
Anti-tilt safety device.

Adjustable heat control.
Aluminium heat reflector.

Assembled dims 219cm H x 75cm
Storage area for gas bottle.

Includes BS Hose & Regulator.
(-11.77%)  149.99
Sirocco Stainless Steel Table Top Gas Garden Patio Heater
Sirocco stainless steel 4Kw table top heater. Anti tilt, safety pilot assembly, piezo ignition.

Aluminium reflector 53cm dia. Protective flame screen, complete with hose & propane regulator.

78 x 57.5x 22cm
Weight 6kg
Lifestyle Chantico Flame Table Top Patio Heater
Stainless Steel Flame Table Top Heater, heat up to 3kw.

Anti tilt, safety pilot assembly,
Electronic ignition.

Aluminium reflector 22cm x 22cm, Quartz Glass Tube, powder coated protective grills.
Hose & propane regulator included.

Weight 6kg
Santorini Flame Patio Heater
A large cylindrical and retractable patio heater which is convenient for storage.

Powerful 11kw output.
Quick start push button electronic igniter.

Dimensions 523mm x H1763mm
Wheels for easy moving.

Cylindrical Pyrex glass Heats up to a 10' x 10' area Protective screen prevents contact with heat cylinder.
Retractable design for convenient storage.