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How to Spit Roast on a Gas BBQ

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How to Spit Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Spit Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Spit Roast on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Spit Roast on a Gas BBQ
 Using a Rotisserie on a Gas BBQ

It's possible to add real BBQ flavour to your gas barbecue by adding woodchips and pellets prior to cooking.
Smoke boxes and If your gas BBQ has a placement for a  rotisserie spit this will open another world of superb barbecuing.

Rotisserie cooking is healthy because the meat cooks in it's own juices and you will get fantastic results from a gas BBQ.

Small joints can be cooked on a 2 burner gas BBQ but if you have a 3 (or more) burner you will have more space to cook larger joints. The joint of pork on the left was spit roasted on a 3 burner gas BBQ.

The 2 end burners were on and the centre burner was off during cooking. Place a drip pan under the meat and under the grill so it's resting on the burner covers. This will catch drips from meat during cooking.

Spit Rod Preparation
In preparation it's very important to make sure the spit rod is in the centre of the meat, so that it turns easily and does not cause unnecessary ware on the rotisserie motor during cooking.

You may have to try a couple of times to get the spit rod into the centre on the meat when you do, carefully secure with the rotisserie forks.

Place the joint onto the pre-heated gas BBQ secure into the motor and switch on.

Watch the spit roast for at least 10 turns to make sure it's centred correctly, you can now close the lid. Check every 30 to 40 minutes but remember each time you lift the lid this will increase the overall cooking time.

Spit Roast 3 Chickens on a Gas BBQ.

Season the 3 chickens with herbs, parsley and sage. Season with salt and pepper. 
Don't stuff the chickens, they will cook quicker on the gas BBQ rotisserie.

Place the chickens on the spit using the rotisserie forks to hold in place. Tie with butchers string to help stop them slipping during cooking. Insert the spit rod into the rotisserie motor on a pre heated gas BBQ, switch on the motor and close the BBQ hood.

Check every 30 minutes until cooked.
Remove carefully using a BBQ mitt and remove the spit rod. Leave to rest for 20 to 30 minutes and serve.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

For Best Results
Practice yourself before announcing a BBQ rotisserie party. If possible have a spare motor available.
Make it easy and ask your butcher to bone and roll your joint, it will look better and will cook evenly on the gas BBQ rotisserie.

Start the spit roast an hour or two before your guests arrive. Allow the meat to rest for 30 minutes after you have removed it from the BBQ.

Boned and Rolled Rib of Beef on the Rotisserie

Simple Rotisserie Guide.

Slide one set of forks onto the rotisserie spit rod. Carefully push the centre part of the rolled rib of beef onto the spit rod and then slide the 2nd set of forks.

Position the forks so that they hold the beef in place on the spit rod. This will stop the beef slipping during cooking.
The forks should have a locking screw to fix into place. Fix the beef onto the most central part of the spit rod.

Season the beef and assemble onto the pre lit barbecue and rotisserie motor. Switch on the motor, sit back and relax with a drink or two and admire your hard work.
It's very important to make sure the meat is in the centre on the spit rod so that it turns easy and does not stress the motor during cooking.

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