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Large Range of Charcoal BBQ Smokers and Gas Smokers..
Sale Prices and up to £50 of Free Barbecue Accessories Included.
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Masonry and Stone Barbecue Sale. Best on-line Prices and Fast Free Delivery. Full Range of 2024 German Made Buschbeck BBQ's in stock and available now!
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Barbecue and BBQ Accessory Sale. Clearance Offers and End of Range Reductions. Super Birthday BBQ Gift Ideas.

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Welcome to Planet Barbecue, the one stop shop to buy all your barbecue equipment


We stock a wide range of BBQs for sale, including Charcoal Barbecues, Gas BBQs, Masonry & Stone Barbecues. Browse our different sections to find an extensive range of products, including BBQ accessories and BBQ Covers, grills & Much More. You can get all your equipment online from our store and have your order delivered fast to the UK or EEC. We try our very best to select and supply high quality barbecues that will last and perform for years.

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Welcome to Planet Barbecue - Your Dedicated Supplier of Quality BBQs

We're here to help you discover new ideas and recipes for your barbecue party.
It may be just a few friends or the whole family, all will be impressed with your new outdoor cooking culinary skills.

Choose BBQ Accessories from our large range including BBQ tools, fish and kebab holders, cleaning brushes and
replacement grills.

To add more flavour to your barbecue we also supply barbeque spices, sauces and woodchips.

With minimal preparation and planning you can create the best barbecue ever.
With Planet Barbecue, you'll discover a whole world.

Start with how to barbecue for tips and information on direct and indirect cooking techniques.

And then move on to recipes for mouth watering and hunger inducing photographs of real barbecued food.

If you require a rotisserie for your gas or charcoal BBQ we can help with our range of spit rods, battery and electric rotisserie motors.

Experience barbecuing using a quality stainless steel BBQ with a rotisserie spit roast.

For a Christmas BBQ we also supply charcoal all the year round, so you can use your barbecue to cook the turkey.
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How to BBQ Buying a Charcoal Barbecue
At Planet Barbecue You will find inspiration to entice you to try something new, so save this page to your favourites and you will never be stuck for ideas again.

Getting Started and Simple BBQ Recipes

With minimal preparation and planning you can create the best barbecue ever.

Start with how to barbecue for tips and information on direct and indirect cooking techniques.
For under £50 I would consider the Dancook range of rotisserie box BBQ's. Made in Denmark and with the versatility of adding a rotisserie spit and motor.

Over £100 try to purchase a charcoal BBQ with a lid, this will allow indirect cooking, roasting and smoking and will allow you to barbecue late into the Summer or even Winter.

If you never try roasting at least the lid will protect your BBQ when not in use.
Buying a Gas BBQ BBQ Recipes and BBQ Advice
Gas barbecues save time and allow you to BBQ at a moments notice.

A good quality cooking grill will result in a taste on par with a restaurant char grilled steak. "Gas can be too clean and taste like food cooked indoors"

This can be easily overcome by adding woodchips in a silver foil wrap or stainless steel smoker box.

This will result in a more smoked flavour similar to charcoal.
Sausage Holder
Milton Gas BBQ No more black sausages, out of control flames and flare ups and embarrassingly waiting for the charcoal to reach cooking temperature.

Just follow the tips on these pages to have trouble free barbecues.

The lighting of charcoal and cooking over real fire is no doubt the most satisfying.

Waiting for the charcoal to be ready for cooking and the aroma of burning coals increases your appetite and ensures you will enjoy your chosen dish.
Gas BBQ's are Excellent for Winter Barbecues BBQ Wood Chips for Smoking Food
Buying a gas BBQ is expensive and a considered purchase. A cheap one will not give good results and performance.

If your not sure what to buy then go for at least a 3 burner gas BBQ with a lid.

This will open up many opportunities to explore indirect roasting and smoking your food, which is so easy and without any pressure and hard work compared to grilling.

3 burners or more allow you to try slow roasting a chicken, joint of pork or leg of lamb, the results can be amazing and it's so easy.
Add the most fantastic flavours to your BBQ with our range of woodchips, spices and sauces. Learn how to spice, smoke and baste your food whilst cooking over charcoal.

See recipes for mouth watering and hunger inducing photographs of real barbecued food.

We do love to smoke food so you will find American charcoal, gas and indoor stovetop smokers.

Don't forget to visit our large recipe section with lots of grilling, roasting and smoking ideas and recipes.
BBQ Smokers Masonry and Stone Barbecues
BBQ Smokers allow you to produce the most succulent slow cooked and smoked food with your favourite woodchips.

We have a full range including charcoal, gas and electric smokers.

If your starting out and never smoked food before remember you can smoke food on any barbecue with a lid.

From small family BBQ smokers to large commercial smokers and we also supply a large range of BBQ woodchips plus all year round charcoal supplies to keep you barbecuing.
For a Mediterranean look, a masonry BBQ will transform your patio and add a feature to your garden and you will be ready to barbecue anytime at a moments notice.

Ideal for grilling, spit roasting and some stone barbecues allow you to have a garden fire when cooking is complete.

This Adds to the atmosphere and your BBQ party can go on a little longer into the evening.

A stone BBQ is more of a permanent fixture so choose carefully.