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St Lucia gas bbq

Planet Barbecue, your UK specialist in BBQs & Accessories, offer a wide range of gas barbecues for sale.

Very easy to use, gas barbecues can almost grill anything you want: veggies, meat, fish etc. It's an ideal solution for those who are not familiar with charcoal bbqs as its' very easy to light. Any evening after work you can be cooking within minutes and take advantage of warm midweek evenings. For maximum comfort, we advise you to choose a gas barbecue with side burners, which allows you to grill, roast and smoke your food. But even our small gas barbecues will perfectly do the job!

Of course, our large gas barbecues are great for roasting a large joint of meat or chicken or why not try smoking sausages before you grill them.

Range includes commercial gas BBQs

This range includes 6 stainless steel, commercial gas barbecues which are available for large party or companies barbecues. We now stock American gas smokers from Char Griller, a super gas BBQ suitable for grilling steaks on a porcelain coated cast iron grill and great for roasting and smoking.

Rexon Cook 3.1 Burner Gas BBQ Black 3358
3 Burner Gas BBQ
Ideal for cooking for up to 12 people with its large 64 x 40cm enamelled grill.

(-6.67%)  419.99
Rexon Cook 4.1  Burner Black Gas BBQ 03354
4 Burner Gas BBQ
Ideal for cooking for up to 12 people 
(-12.00%)  439.99
Whistler Broadway Stainless Steel Gas Barbecue
The best value stainless steel grill with 4 burners and free rotisserie kit.
NEW Landmann Falcon 4.1 PTS Gas BBQ
The Falcon 4.1 Gas Barbecue from Landmann
(-7.14%)  649.99
The Char-Griller Duo BBQ With Free Accessories
Every grill lover's dream! Charcoal and gas grilling all in one grill!

Rexon Cook Stainless Steel 3.1 Burner Gas BBQ 04991
New 3 Burner Gas BBQ in Stainless Steel
Ideal for cooking for up  to 8 people 
(-12.00%)  439.99
Rexon Cook Stainless Steel 4.1 Burner Gas BBQ 04994
New 4 Burner Gas BBQ in Stainless Steel

(-14.55%)  469.99
Barbeskew A Revolutionary Design Gas Rotisserie BBQ
Spit Roast, Grill, Roast or Smoke your food. Its all possible.  
(-12.50%)  699.99
Landmann Black Triton 4 Burner Gas BBQ With Side Burner.
4 stainless steel tube burners
1 x side burner

Landmann Miton 3 Burner Gas BBQ
Miton 3 Burner Plus Side Burner Gas Barbecue.

Landmann Avalon 5.1 Stainless Steel Gas Barbecue
The Avalon 5 burner plus side burner is super value made from 304 stainless steel 
(-12.00%)  1,099.99
Avalon 3.1 Stainless Steel Gas Barbecue
PTS + Cooking System Seamless cast iron cooking grates and Firebox 
(-13.00%)  869.99
Beefeater Clubman Catering Style Hotplate Gas BBQ
Our best selling heavy duty catering gas BBQ folds down for transportation.
Miton 4 Burner Plus Side Burner Gas Barbecue
Large gas BBQ with warming rack ideal for large families.

Landmann Triton 2 Burner Gas Barbecue Sapphire Black
Barbecue with style with this large 2 burner gas barbecue from Landmann

 6.1 Stainless Steel Gas Barbecue 3498
Large quality gas barbecue, super for large barbecues or Sunday roast.

(-7.15%)  1,299.00