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How to Smoke Food on a Gas BBQ

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How to Smoke Food on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Smoke Food on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Smoke Food on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Smoke Food on a Gas BBQ
  • How to Smoke Food on a Gas BBQ
 Using Woodchips to Smoke on a Gas BBQ

It's possible to add real BBQ flavour to your gas barbecue by adding woodchips and pellets prior to cooking. Smoke boxes and accessories are available to enable you to smoke fish , hams, chickens, ribs and almost anything.

You will never forget your first smoked ham, you just can't buy the flavour!

A gas barbecue with a lid can be set up so that the food cooks indirectly and takes several hours, this technique allows the meat to absorb more smoke, adds more flavour and gives you more time to enjoy the company of your friends.

This method also enables you to barbecue all the year round like the Canadians, where many a garage can be seen smoking on a Saturday afternoon, in the depths of winter.

Some Americans take their barbecuing very seriously with elaborate contraptions designed to smoke the meat slowly, thus large joints of meat or several chickens can be cooked at once.

Winter Barbecue

Why not try barbecuing a whole salmon on new years day for a really special starter. your guests will be amazed and it so easy, just look at our simple to follow recipes.

Just remember if you want a stress free barbecue party, to prepare everything you can in advance of your guests arriving.

Smoker Box on the Gas BBQ Burner Cover

This method is the same has the indirect method above but this time we are going to add woodchips and achieve a real BBQ flavour.

For best results purchase a stainless steel smoker box and place your chosen woodchips or pellets inside and replace the lid.
Place the smoker box onto the burner cover / protector on the left hand side burner.

Turn on the burner directly below the smoker box on low to medium heat.

Smoker Box on the Left Hand Side

Wait around 10 to 20 minutes for the smoke box to start smoking, once started place you food to be smoked on the right hand side of the BBQ grill.

It's important to add the food now and close the BBQ lid, do not lift the lid for the next 30 minutes. This is when most of the smoking process tales place.

If you place the food in the BBQ before it starts smoking, the meat will heat seal and it will be more difficult to absorb the smoke.

When the smoking has stopped you now need to finish the total cooking time for your chosen dish.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

For best results season and spice the food before placing on the BBQ.
After smoking keep the food moist during the rest of the cooking time with a mopping sauce or cover with foil.

During the last 30 minutes of cooking time you can baste with barbecue sauce and bake a couple of layers onto the food. The end result will be spiced, smoked and finished with a delicious sticky BBQ sauce.

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