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All Year Round BBQ Charcoal Supplies

Buy charcoal online all year round from planet barbecue. Choice of long burning briquettes or natural lumpwood charcoal.  Value for money BBQ lighting blocks to make barbecue lighting easy.

Remember charcoal from us is available all year round so why not have a Winter Barbecue! The Nettlefields  Restaurant Grade lump wood Charcoal Made in Devon. If you prefer charcoal briquettes we stock British made Bar Be Quick briquettes in 5 Kg bags.  Also charcoal chimney starters to  quickly fire up the charcoal. All available for fast delivery whatever the Season.
Landmann Charcoal Chimney Starter
Need to top up your charcoal? This charcoal
starter makes this process easy, simply place some newspaper or fire
lighters in the lower chamber.

Then fill with charcoal, It takes about 20 minutes
to get the charcoal ready to pour.

If you have trouble lighting your charcoal
this may be the answer.

Ideal if you have regular barbecue's and need
to keep it going for longer periods or excellent for topping up your
Nettlefields Lump Wood Charcoal
How is Charcoal Made.

Ready to cook in approximately 10 minutes.
Free from binders, accelerators and other chemical additives.

Less ash so easy clean up
No Need to Buy Firelighters!

2.25 Kg Approx Per Bag
Have a Barbecue using a fuel similar to that used over 5 thousand years ago!
Weber Chimney Charcoal Starter
Essential for refuelling your smoker or BBQ
Only takes 20 minutes for a chimney full of hot charcoal
5Kg Charcoal Briquettes
Ideal for Charcoal Barbecues and Smokers.

Excellent long BBQ's, grilling, roasting and smoking.

Maximum 4 Bags Per Order.
12 Barbecue Lighters
Enough to light 6 barbecues.

Excellent product and less offensive than the normal white kerosene soaked firelighters.
20 Barbecue Match Tip Lighters
20 Self lighting barbecue lighters, no matches required. Just strike on the side of the box to light.

Enough for 10 barbecues

No Matches Required.
Instant Lighting Charcoal (FSC) 3kg bag
No Firelighters or Fluid required Clean hands, No mess, No fuss!

3kg Bag of superb quality Instant Lighting Lump-wood Charcoal.

Just place the inner bag on the barbecue and light the top corners with a single match!
Enough for 2 barbecues
3Kg Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal.
Quality Jack Daniels whiskey charcoal (enough for 10 BBQ's when mixed)

Created from authentic Jack Daniels oak whiskey barrels. This charcoal product is really two-in-one. It contains briquettes that are impregnated with tiny barrel chips, along with solid barrel wood chunks.
2Kg Weber Premium Charcoal Briquettes
Quality Weber premium briquettes for your barbecue.

Ideal for smokers
2Kg Bag
Weber Charcoal Starter All-in-one kit
Kit Contains:

2kg briquettes
Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter
Easy Log
Excellent for Chimeneas and Firepits Burns for 2 to 3 hours.

Burns for 2 to 3 hours
Box of 6 Cobb Cobblestone Fuel Bricks
Box of 6 Cobb Cobblestone Fuel Bricks.

The single brick manufactured from a renewable energy source. No lighting agent required.
Smoke free and ready to cook on in 3-4 minutes. Gives 2+ hours cooking time.

Cobblestone For Use on the Cobb BBQ
Standard Disposable BBQ
Ideal for picnic grilling.
Disposable barbecue.
Party Disposable BBQ
Ideal for large picnic grilling.
Disposable barbecue.