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Weston Burger Maker Press

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Weston Burger Maker Press
  • Weston Burger Maker Press
  • Weston Burger Maker Press
  • Weston Burger Maker Press
  • Weston Burger Maker Press
Burger press forms perfect burgers every time - Weston's compactor/ejector button makes home burger making a snap.
Food preparation tool adjusts to your favourite Burger thickness. Spring-loaded plunger compacts the meat tightly, then pops back for quick removal.

The Single Press Burger Kit that imprints the Real tree 'Horns' logo on the burgers!

Make perfect  homemade burgers, with ease - every time!

Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum.

Non-stick coating.

Logo emboss for the ultimate in Burger Presentation.

Simply place any ground meat on the burger forming tray, close the lid and press the burger presser button down to compact the meat into perfect burgers of any thickness up to 1 "

Adjustable patty thickness up to 1 " (4cm) with a 4 3/8" (11cm) diameter.

Make your own recipe for delicious homemade burgers use a good quality steak mince for best results.

10 Homemade Chilli Burgers

1 Kg Minced steak

1 Large onion finely chopped

2 Chilies 1 red and 1 green finely chopped

1 Egg (to help binding)

A little salt


Put all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix by hand. Form into equal sized balls and insert 1 at a time into the burger press.

Tip: For best results, do not over handle when mixing.