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The Original Grillslinger

The Original Grillslinger
  • The Original Grillslinger
  • The Original Grillslinger
  • The Original Grillslinger
  • The Original Grillslinger
The Grillslinger is a fun, great looking BBQ tool belt ideal for holding all the essential BBQ
tools at waist height, freeing up valuable space around the BBQ.

Its unique design allows the hard wearing pocket inserts to be washed separately from the belt and
the BBQ tools are of great quality too!

Purpose designed by top chefs, the hard-wearing, comfortable barbecue tool system holds all the necessary tools for the grill chef at easy, waist-level reach, freeing up valuable space around your barbecue.

Your Original Grillslinger includes high-quality implements carefully chosen to suit modern grilling: a grill knife, performance tongs and pro-flipper (spatula) set. Innovative, completely portable, safe and hygienic.

What's Included With The Grillsinger?

Pockets and pouches provide homes to pepper grinders, oil dispensers, spice mixes, wine or beer openers, a mobile phone, and any other implement or accessory you require to grill more effortlessly.

Original Grillslinger Grill Knife
The chef's secret, the Grill Knife's 7in/18cm bull-nose stainless steel blade, and sure grip rubber handle, provides safe, effective slicing and turning.

Original Grillslinger Speed Tongs
Strong, sure-grip design, perfectly sized for secure and stable turning on the grill.

Original Grillslinger Pro Flipper (Spatula)
This highly functional spatula with a sure-grip handle is perfect for flipping almost anything from hamburgers, to fillets of chicken and seafood.

Grillslinger Storage Bag
Easy to store when you are not using the Grillslinger, the washable Grillslinger Storage Bag can be hung or stored wherever it suits.

The Original Grillslinger inserts hold tools securely and are easily removed for washing after every barbecue.