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The Callow Smoke n Grill Water Smoker

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The Callow Smoke n Grill Water Smoker
  • The Callow Smoke n Grill Water Smoker
  • The Callow Smoke n Grill Water Smoker
  • The Callow Smoke n Grill Water Smoker
  • The Callow Smoke n Grill Water Smoker
Excellent quality and superb design at a very affordable price.
The 14" Callow Charcoal Smoker BBQ Grill is made of high density 0.9mm carbon steel and finished with a quality powder coating.

There is a built-in thermometer in the lid so you can identify the perfect cooking/smoking temperature and two air vents on the body so you can regulate the temperature.

This charcoal smoker BBQ grill comes complete with two cooking grates and a smoking rack, together with 6 hooks for smoking sausages, fish or ribs.

Grill, roast or smoke your food.
Complete with water bowl and 2 cooking grills.

Door for inspection and refuelling.
Temperature Gauge.

Can be used as a BBQ grill.
Fish hooks included.

Cooking area 14inch Diameter X 2
Complete with smoking rack, 6 hooks, two cooking grates and a weather proof cover.

High density 0.9mm carbon steel with quality powder coating.
Easy to monitor and top up large, one gallon capacity water pan with 2-3 hour duration.

Large ventilated charcoal pan, provides long cooking/smoking time of 5-6 hours.
Two meat thermometer probe access points, two air vents for temperature control and built in thermometer.

Diameter: 14"
Free Cover Included.

Please allow 3 to 5 days for delivery.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Not used it yet due to weather but it looks like it will be a pleasure to use.
Kevin S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good bit of kit, door could be a bit thicker, but hey I'm no expert 👍👍
Dave D.
Shopping Satisfaction
Not had chance to fire it up yet but got a brisket for when it warms up. Took a while to build but it appears of good quality. Only weak point appears to be the door for adding more charcoal/wood. I bought some insulation to put around the opening and seems fine. Excellent value overall. It is only small but think you can get about a 4 kg brisket per grill.
Mr M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product at a value price --- anything else is just an ego trip.
Rod E.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good smoker for a novice like me.
Robert H.