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Smoke' n Spice Cones

(Code: COLDSM)
Smoke' n Spice ConesNow you can cold smoke food on any barbecue with a lid with these super easy smoke cones. Just place on the grill, light with a match, wait a 4 to 5 minutes and then place food on the grill and close the BBQ lid.

No need to light your barbecue until you are ready to cook. No need to spend lots of money on cold smokers, any BBQ with a lid will work.   

Excellent for Cold Smoking on any BBQ with a lid.

One time use Smoke Cone will last 35-45 minutes and lights as easy as a candle.

Allows you to cold smoke on a charcoal BBQ, gas BBQ, or any BBQ with a lid.
3 single use smoke cones include: Oregano, Sage and Mediterranean Spice Blend.

100% spice pellets.

At last cold smoking is now possible on any BBQ with a Lid It's easy and you don't have to spend £££'s