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Quick Spatchcock BBQ Smoked Chicken

Quick Spatchcock BBQ Smoked Chicken
Insert a drip tray under the centre of the cooking grill, add cherry woodchips in an open tin over one of the burners.
Preheat your BBQ to 200 degrees C.

Cut the backbone out of the chicken using a good quality pair of scissors or poultry cutters.
Press the breast side of the chicken down with your hand to make flat.

Add a light coating olive oil all over the chicken, rub smoked paprika and salt and pepper into the chicken.
When the woodchips have started smoking, place on the barbecue and cook using the indirect cooking method.

Cook for one hour (turn the chicken over using tongs halfway through cooking time)
Glaze with honey and crisp the skin over direct heat (grilling)
Remove and allow the rest for 15  minutes.

BBQ Whole Chicken Recipe

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