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Mini Kamado Smoker BBQ Blue

(Code: AU-13)
£ 449.99
Mini Kamado Smoker BBQ Blue
The Kamado Mini Smoker BBQ is available from Planet Barbecue and delivery is free.

High gloss surface finished in blue. (red image for illustration only)
Built in thermometer to control the temperature.

Easy to adjust your kamado temperature by using the cast Iron top vents and bottom damper.
Ideal for smoking and low and slow barbecuing or can be used for grilling.

Smoked brisket cooked for hours long and slow is possible just limit the air flow to a minimum.

Kamado mini grills can reach 800 degrees due to the ceramic material.

Top Vent: Cast Iron
Side Table/Handle: Bamboo

Band/Spring/Stand: steel
Cooking Grid: Porcelain Enamel Steel

Fire Ring / Fire Box: Mullite (Resistant to 1000 degree)
Grill Dome/Grill Base: Mullite (Resistant to 1000 degree)

Main body Diameter: 32cm
Cooking Grid:  27.2 cm

Assembled  Dimensions L 35cm D 40.5cm H 55cm

N.W: 22 KG G.W: 24 KG
Package: 1 Carton Size: 49.5x 41.3 x41cm

One of the greatest rewards of owning a Kamado Joe grill is that itís more than just a grill. Itís a grill, a smoker and an oven all rolled into one.

The name "kamado" is, in fact, the Japanese word for "stoveĒ or "cooking rangeĒ.