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Masonry BBQ Accessories

Masonry BBQ accessories to enable you to make more of your barbecue and enjoy your time outdoors.
These accessories will add versatility to your BBQ so you can have a rotisserie, a log fire or change over to gas with our gas conversion insert kits.

Replacement grills also available in many sizes and also adjustable grills to make fit.
Masonry BBQ Stainless Steel Fire Grate and Ash Drawer By Buschbeck
Fire grate and ash pan made out of high-grade stainless steel.

Suitable for all Buschbeck garden barbecue fireplaces.

Approximate Dimensions: 440 x 300 mm
(-5.56%)  84.99
Masonry BBQ Brazier For Charcoal or Wood
With ash drawer, Suitable for burning wood or charcoal.

Insert under you cooking grill.

Length 46 X Depth 32 X Height  14cm