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Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set

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Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
  • Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
  • Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
  • Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
  • Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
  • Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
  • Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
  • Landmann DIY BBQ Grill Set
Build your own patio / garden BBQ with this DIY BBQ grill set including charcoal ash collection tray, charcoal grid and chrome plated cooking grill (with handles) plus Building instructions.

All you need is the bricks and mortar to complete your garden feature. The standard size to build your BBQ is 68 X 40cm This will ensure replacement grill sets will be easy to obtain in the future.

To build a standard brick BBQ you will require around 135 bricks. If you wish to build a larger BBQ we advise you to build 2 alongside each other. Then you can use one for smaller parties and light another for vegetarians or larger gatherings.

Adjustable lava rock and charcoal grates now available. For new builds best to start with the basic standard size kits below, you can always upgrade your cooking grills later.

DIY Barbecue Grill Set.

Do it yourself brick built barbecue grill, chrome plated cooking grill- 67 x 39cm approx.

Charcoal Ash Tray. 
Charcoal Grid.  
Chrome Cooking Grill. 
Building Instructions.
2 years warranty


A good sturdy tray to catch the charcoal ashes which the charcoal grid locks into.
This DIY barbecue grill set should fit your brick built BBQ if the measurement between the inside of the walls is 68cm
This BBQ DIY kit includes everything you need except the bricks.

Size: Large chrome Grill area  67 X 39cm approx.
Assembly: Easy, 5 minutes if your brick barbecue is already built.
Cleaning: All parts easily removed for cleaning.

Control: You must incorporate different cooking heights when building the bricks.
Building Plans Included
Standard bricks required 135 approx.
A good winter project.

DIY Brick Built BBQ Recipes

Barbecuing On The DIY Barbecue Grill Set.

Ideal for grilling burgers and steaks but we thought we might try something a little more challenging.
6 mackerel pre marinated in olive oil, butter, lemon, parsley and crushed garlic. With seasoned rolled bacon. Plus  cucumber with tomatoes on a skewer.

Using a Lump wood pyramid on the charcoal grid. It was then lit with 2 small BBQ lighters.
While we waited we prepared some bacon, rolled, seasoned and skewered. The cucumber and tomatoes skewers were also prepared.

After around 15 to 20 minutes the charcoal should look like this and was ready to start barbecuing.
We spread the charcoal a little, to ensure heat distribution is evenly spread and to slow down the burning process.


We then put the chrome grill in place and left it a further 10 minutes to "burn in" and get really hot. We added the mackerel which had been pre brushed with a little olive oil to prevent it from sticking to the grill.
Always start barbecuing with the grill furthest away from the charcoal to avoid flare ups

The fresh grilled mackerel was excellent. The choice of cooking heights for the grill, which you must build into the bricks on assembly worked really well and we would have been in trouble without them.

BBQ Grilling Tip

When barbecuing meats always use tongs to move and turn the food, this way you will avoid flames and flare ups. Forks penetrate the meat and fat drips onto the charcoal causing a fierce fire and burns your food.

Rolled bacon seasoned with black pepper and garlic salt is a favourite with mackerel and goes together well.

These barbecues are a good choice for holiday homes because they can be replaced quickly and economically.
Great for designing your own outdoor kitchen and you can also  store the grill assembly in the Winter.

Heavy Duty DIY Brick Built Replacement Grills Available

Super Quality Chromium Plated Grill Suitable for DIY Brick Built BBQ's and Masonry BBQ's.
All metal fixed handles.
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