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How to Smoke Ribs Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ

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How to Smoke Ribs Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Smoke Ribs Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Smoke Ribs Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Smoke Ribs Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Smoke Ribs Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
Smoked Pork Ribs Char Flavoured on the Smoker.


1 Sheet of pork ribs per person membrane removed.
1 Jar of Hoi Sin Plum Sauce
1/2 Cup of Pecan Wood Pellets.
Silver Foi
Plum sauce
1 High quality jar of Hoi Sin Plum Sauce.


Stage 1 Smoking
Use the indirect method on your hooded barbecue. When the charcoal is covered in white ash and ready for cooking. Add the wood pellets in a pot or silver foil case.

When the pellets start to smoke add the food to the barbecue, spaced so to aid circulation of the smoke. Close the lid. The next 30 minutes is when the food is smoke sealed so try and avoid opening the lid.

Smoke for 2 hours checking every 30 minutes to baste the ribs and reposition on the grill to ensure even cooking.

Stage 2 Char Flavouring
Place the ribs directly over the coals using tongs to char for that barbecued look and a slight charring will add even more taste. Don't overcook we just want the ribs to look good.
Lightly char both sides.

Stage 3 Slow BBQ
Remove the ribs and place on a double layer of foil, add the plum sauce and wrap, making sure no leaks of the sauce is possible. Slow cook indirectly for another 2 hours. Serve.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

Success of Smoking
The success of smoking long and slow is not allowing the meat to dry out during cooking,
This is achieved by wrapping the food in foil or regular basting with sauce.

This superb recipe will convince you it was the right decision to start smoking food. Ribs are one of the most popular dishes on the smoker, especially when slow cooked.

Always try to buy a sheet or rack of ribs for ease of handling when on the barbecue.
Just follow the 3 stages of the cooking process to get excellent results.

Pecan Wood Pellets
Smoke Strength:  Mild
Suitable for: All meats, fish and poultry.
Origin: North America.
Type: Nut producing deciduous large tree.
Taste: Mild Hickory. Ideal for fish.
Effect on Food Colour: Slight.

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