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How to Smoke Pork Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ

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How to Smoke Pork Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Smoke Pork Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
  • How to Smoke Pork Recipe on a Charcoal BBQ
Barbecue Pork Smoked with Oak


1 Shoulder or leg of pork rolled
1 Lemon
1/3 Cup of Oak Wood Pellets.
Maple syrup or Honey
Silver Foil


Stage 1 Smoking
Using the indirect method on your hooded barbecue.
When the charcoal is covered in white ash, ready for cooking, add the wood pellets in a pot or silver foil case.

Once the barbecue starts smoking add the joint to the to the grill and close the lid. The next 30 minutes is when the food is smoke sealed so try and avoid opening the lid.

Smoke for 2 TO 3 hours checking every 30 minutes to reposition the joint on the grill to ensure even cooking.

Stage 2 Char Flavouring
Place the pork joint directly over the coals using tongs and a spatula to char for that barbecued look.
A slight charring will add even more texture and will make super crispy crackling.

Don't overcook we just want the pork to look good.
Lightly char both sides.

Stage 3 Slow BBQ
Remove the pork and place on a double layer of foil  and wrap, Slow cook indirectly for another 2 hours.
10 minutes before the end of cooking drizzle the maple syrup over the pork and return to to barbecue.

Serve as a roast dinner with cabbage and roast potatoes.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

We used a cast iron smoke pot for the oak wood pellets, no soaking required.

Oak Wood Pellets
Smoke Strength:  Mild
Suitable for: All meats, fish and poultry.
Origin: Northern Hemisphere.
Type: Deciduous and evergreen trees, produces acorns.
Taste: Excellent especially with pork.
Effect on Food Colour: Lovely  golden colour.

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