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How to Smoke Hickory Pork Ribs Recipe

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How to Smoke Hickory Pork Ribs Recipe
  • How to Smoke Hickory Pork Ribs Recipe
  • How to Smoke Hickory Pork Ribs Recipe
  • How to Smoke Hickory Pork Ribs Recipe
  • How to Smoke Hickory Pork Ribs Recipe
  • How to Smoke Hickory Pork Ribs Recipe
Hickory Smoked Pork Ribs.


Sheets of pork ribs membrane removed
1 Jerk Spice Rub
1/3 Cup of Hickory Wood Pellets.
 Barbecue Sauce
Silver Foil or Smoker Pot.
Purchase sheets of pork ribs if you can, they are much easier to baste during barbecuing.


Rub the ribs with Jerk spice barbecue rub at least an hour before smoking.
Using the indirect method on your hooded barbecue.

When the charcoal is covered in white ash, ready for cooking, add the wood pellets in a pot or silver foil case.

Once the barbecue starts smoking add the pork ribs to the to the grill and close the lid. The next 30 minutes is when the food is smoke sealed so try and avoid opening the lid.

Smoke for 1 hour. Remember we only want a slow cook so keep the charcoal burning slow using the vents on your barbecue.

Baste the pork ribs with the barbecue sauce using a basting brush. Barbecue for another 30 minutes. Repeat this process another 4 to 5 times basting every 30 minutes.

It is important not to let the ribs dry out during cooking. The above procedure will add layer after layer of this super tasting barbecue sauce onto your hickory smoked ribs.

For a more stronger hickory smoked flavour, just add more pellets to the coals during cooking. But for the first time one smoke pellet serving is enough.

Cover with foil if you wish to cook for longer.

Remove the pork ribs and place directly over the coals for 30 seconds but no more than a minute each side.
You have now barbecue smoked, the best looking deep red pork ribs. Which are so good, you will want to photograph.

When you bite into the tender meat your pallet receives a combination of the electric Jerk spice rub, hickory smoke flavour, the rich Shanghai BBQ sauce and char flavour.

We guarantee you will now be addicted to real barbecuing.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

The prepared ribs with the Jerk rub, We did add a couple of small pork joints and some Coley and Halibut.
You can of course make your own barbecue rub using your favourite herbs and spices.

Caribbean Jerk Spice Rub. Superb fiery flavour balanced by sweet herbal notes. Simply rub into meat before barbecuing.

We used a cast iron smoke pot for the Hickory wood pellets, no soaking of the pellets required.

Hickory Wood Pellets
Smoke Strength:  Mild
Suitable for: All meats, fish and poultry.
Origin: Various but prolific in southern US.
Type: Nut producing deciduous.
Taste: One of the best.
Effect on Food Colour: Golden.

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