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How to Make Easy BBQ Salads

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How to Make Easy BBQ Salads
  • How to Make Easy BBQ Salads
  • How to Make Easy BBQ Salads
  • How to Make Easy BBQ Salads
Salads for Barbecue


Fried crunchy bread (dried)
Salad dressing
Garlic flavoured olive oil


A very economical way to buy salads is in pre-prepared bags from the supermarket, these will be more exotic and make a change from the usual lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber.

If you have more time then have a good look round your local greengrocer and buy more local produce. Flavoured virgin olive oil can be used for marinades and on salads to give that Mediterranean flavour. Coleslaw is a BBQ favourite.

Don't forget to try French or Italian dressings, if you do you must apply the dressing to the salad immediately before you serve or your salad will go soggy and loose its crunch.

Just a little extra effort when preparing salads goes a long way in presentation and will impress everyone. You can add sliced fruit to jazz up your salad. How about very finely sliced apple or pineapple.

Preparing a super salad includes adding texture, crunch, flavour and a good salad dressing to bring it all together.
Also the endless variety of pickles can be added to your salad.

Spring and red onions are delicious and add crunch to your salad. try small cubes of  bread fried in garlic flavoured olive oil.
Keep it simple, fresh and don't over season.

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