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How to BBQ Turkey Drumsticks Recipe

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How to BBQ Turkey Drumsticks Recipe
  • How to BBQ Turkey Drumsticks Recipe
  • How to BBQ Turkey Drumsticks Recipe
Butterflied BBQ Turkey Drumsticks with Chinese Hoisin and Plum Sauce


1 Turkey drumstick (enough for 2)
1 jar of Hoisin and plum sauce or your favourite sauce
1 Knob of butter
Serve with savoury rice.


Prepare a boat with 2 layers of silver foil large enough for the drumstick. Spread the knob of butter on the base of the boat.
Cut the turkey drumstick along its length down to the bone using a very sharp knife.

Part separate from the bone using short strokes cutting into the meat with the knife, enough to butterfly the drumstick.
Season the drumstick and place over hot coals for 5 minutes each side or until the meat is browned and sealed.

Remove from the barbecue and place into the foil boat. Pour the sauce over the drumstick and return to the barbecue.
Cook for 90 minutes using the indirect cooking method.

Turn the boat 180 degrees half way though the time to ensure even cooking. Avoid opening the lid of the barbecue during cooking time.


Turkey drumsticks are very economical but if you wish you may want to try a more expensive cut like a turkey crown or skinless turkey thighs. Remember the crown will take longer to cook and the thighs will take less.

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