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How to BBQ T Bone Steak Recipe

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How to BBQ T Bone Steak Recipe
  • How to BBQ T Bone Steak Recipe
  • How to BBQ T Bone Steak Recipe
  • How to BBQ T Bone Steak Recipe
  • How to BBQ T Bone Steak Recipe
Barbecue Flame Grilled T Bone Steaks

2 T-bone steaks
Packet of pepper sauce
Red chillies
Red onions

Try a really hot barbecue and cook directly over the coals, this will seal in the juices and will guarantee a first class result but you must not over cook. Ask your guests if they prefer a well done, medium or rare steak.

The well done steaks go on the BBQ first followed BBQ medium and then the rare steaks. Turn the steaks using tongs, move around the barbecue in and out of the flames to give that charred flame grilled flavour.

When the steaks are cooked to your liking move to side of the BBQ and close the lid to keep warm or alternatively wrap in silver foil until required but not for to long. Steaks are best served hot directly from the grill.

The chillies
The chillies on the left were washed, sliced in half and deseeded. Then grill over the coals for 3 to 4 minutes each side and serve with the steaks.

The Chips
Wash the potatoes do not peel and slice into small wedges. Drizzle a little olive oil into a roasting pan, place the wedges into the pan and drizzle more olive oil over.

Season and cook at the top of a pre heated hot oven (200 degrees c) for approx. 20 to 30 minutes.

The Pepper Sauce
A quick and easy sauce that will delight and add an extra taste to the steaks.
Prepare the pepper sauce according to the instructions on the packet and put on the side to cool.

Slice the red onions and mushrooms, lightly fry in olive oil to give colour for a couple of minutes.
Place on a double sheet of silver foil and pour over the sauce, wrap into a parcel and allow to cool. store in the fridge until required.

Place the parcel on the barbecue when you start grilling the steaks.

Sometimes you may not fancy the usual burgers, sausages and chicken on the BBQ.

So for a change lets spend our money just on steak. It may seem a little extravagant but without all the usual extras it may even work out cheaper.

If you buy from the butcher ask for local produce or at least British beef. If you don't like what you see in the window, ask for freshly cut steaks, the butcher will probably oblige.

Top Tip For BBQ Steaks
When barbecuing is complete add a small knob of butter to the steak just before serving.