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How to BBQ Seabass Recipe

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How to BBQ Seabass Recipe
  • How to BBQ Seabass Recipe
  • How to BBQ Seabass Recipe
  • How to BBQ Seabass Recipe
Barbecue Sea Bass


2 medium size sea bass
Basil leaves and Slices of lemon
Or parsley and garlic
Black pepper
New potatoes
Mixed salad
Wooden skewers


What a treat, stuffed with basil and barbecued directly over the coals for a crispy skin.
Soak the wooden skewers for around an hour to stop them burning during cooking.

Wash the fish under a little cold running water, dry with kitchen paper. Stuff the fish with fresh basil and 2 lemon slices, close and carefully skewer the skin together.

Brush lightly with a little olive oil, season with black pepper and place in the fridge until required.

BBQ Direct over the coals: barbecue the fish for around 5 to 10 minutes each side.
Indirectly: barbecue for approx 30 minutes, turning once half way through cooking.

Check with a fork when the fish turns flaky its done.

Serve the fish whole on a silver serving dish. (the throw away ones are excellent) Surround with a mixed salad to make the dish all the more enjoyable. Serve with Barbecued New Potatoes on a skewer (see photo)


Buy from your local fishmongers and don't forget to ask him to gut it for you. He will be happy to do it and usually, fishmongers don't charge any extra.

Sea bass can be expensive to buy, so save this recipe for when its just a small party of friends.
Super as a starter with a little bread and butter or as a main course with some barbecued new potatoes and salad.

BBQ Ideas and Tips

Fish Sticking to the Grill.
You can buy barbecue fish holders in various sizes which will help you turn the fish during cooking but of course you will have extra washing up. Try lightly brushing the skin with olive oil to help stop the fish sticking to the grill.

The secret is not to turn the fish too often, just once should be enough.

Fish fillets
You pay for what you eat, buy filleted fish, more expensive but no waste.
This will require the fish to be cooked on a double layer of foil, closed if you wish.

The foil left open will allow a more smokey barbecued flavour to be absorbed into the flesh, especially if cooked indirectly.
This method is also helpful when you need to keep the fish warm after cooking, just close the foil and place on the side of the barbecue until required.

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