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How to BBQ Rainbow Trout Recipe

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How to BBQ Rainbow Trout Recipe
  • How to BBQ Rainbow Trout Recipe
  • How to BBQ Rainbow Trout Recipe
  • How to BBQ Rainbow Trout Recipe
  • How to BBQ Rainbow Trout Recipe
Barbecue Rainbow Trout


Rainbow trout
Red and green peppers
Red onion
Fresh garlic.
Fresh lemon
Fresh Parsley
Selection of salad to dress


When Harry's not sea fishing, bringing home an abundance of mackerel, monkfish and the odd sea bass. He spends many a summers evening doing a bit of fly fishing. Now this is special!

Fresh water rainbow trout, succulent and firm meaty like texture. Similar to salmon but not as rich and usually more affordable.
Why not try one at Christmas or new years day as a starter for your festive dinner.

Fresh water rainbow trout. Gutted, headed, de-scaled and washed. Then lay it on a double layer of foil.
Cut into the fish with a sharp knife, insert slices of lemon and then surround with peppers, red onion and fresh garlic.

Sprinkle with plenty of parsley and season to your liking.

Barbecue using the indirect method with the fish covered with the foil or even better, leave open to allow more BBQ flavour.
Close the lid of the barbecue and let the smoke soak into the fish for extra flavour.
The fish is cooked when the flesh flakes back with a fork.
Garnish with salad and serve on a silver platter.

BBQ Ideas and Tips

Cooking time can vary according to the size of fish and barbecue heat. This one was cooked slowly for an hour, turned once after 30 minutes. Just check every 15 minutes until the fish flakes back with a fork and its done.

Presented at the centre of the table so that guests can choose to try and eat a little or more if they like it.
Most do, so see it go in seconds.

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