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How to BBQ Eggs Recipe

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How to BBQ Eggs Recipe
  • How to BBQ Eggs Recipe
  • How to BBQ Eggs Recipe
Barbecued Egg


Olive oil


Not the usual item you would add to your BBQ shopping list, unless of course its for the salad. But this combination of egg and mushroom is delicious with beef or gammon steaks.

Great idea when your camping because its possible to cook an entire full English breakfast on the BBQ. No camping gas required!

It's healthy, the egg poaches in the mushroom and no scraping left over egg from the frying pan.
Surprise your friends with an egg, nobody barbecue's an egg! 

Wash the mushrooms and very carefully scope out the centre, leaving a well for the egg.
Drizzle a half teaspoon of olive oil into the mushroom and place on the bbq over the coals to warm for 1 minute.

Break the egg into the mushroom and close the lid, wait for 2 to 3 minutes or until the egg as turned white. Move to the side of the grill to keep warm for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Serve on top of a steak.

This recipe uses a barbecue with a lid, it may be difficult to barbecue an egg with this method if your barbecue does not have a lid.

The cooking time will have to be increased and this may overcook the mushroom. So for best results only use a bbq with a lid for this recipe.

English Breakfast on the BBQ? Just add bacon and tomatoes on a skewer to your barbecued egg.

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