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How to BBQ Chilli Chicken Recipe

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How to BBQ Chilli Chicken Recipe
  • How to BBQ Chilli Chicken Recipe
  • How to BBQ Chilli Chicken Recipe
BBQ Hickory Smoked Chilli Chicken


12 Chicken Portions
2 tablespoons of Olive oil
1 Jar of Chilli Sauce.
BBQ Rub (optional)
Salt and black pepper to season
Hickory Wood Chips
Wraps or crusty bread


Mix together the olive oil and Chilli sauce. Rub spice into the chicken pieces.
Place the chicken pieces into a large mixing bowl and pour over the Chilli mixture. Turn the chicken in the mixture and then season.

Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight is ideal.

Prepare your barbecue for indirect cooking. When the coals are hot add the Hickory wood chips

When the wood chips smoke add the chicken (using the indirect method) and close the lid. Leave for 30 to 40 minutes to smoke and seal that flavour in. Using tongs move a couple of chicken pieces at a time over the coals to grill and crisp the skin.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

Chilli chicken serve with rice and warm crusty bread or wraps

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