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How to BBQ Burgers Recipe

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How to BBQ Burgers Recipe
  • How to BBQ Burgers Recipe
  • How to BBQ Burgers Recipe
BBQ Burgers Flame Grilled With Bacon and Cheese.

Packet of frozen beef burgers
Bread rolls
4 Tomatoes and 2 onions
Packet of Pre sliced cheese
slices of bacon
Salad for garnish
Skewers if required

You can use frozen packet burgers and as long as you buy a good named brand with at least "greater than 80% beef content" you will not be disappointed.

Always barbecue from frozen and using the direct cooking method, the hotter the barbecue the better.
Do not pierce the burger with a fork during cooking, it will make more fat drip on to the charcoal which will fuel the flames.

When the burgers are half way through cooking, add slices of streaky bacon to the barbecue.
When the bacon is cooked place one slice on top of the burger and then top with cheese.

The Onions
Dice or slice 2 onions, place in an old metal pie plate or in a boat made out of a double layer of silver foil.
Add a tablespoon of olive oil and place on the barbecue at the same time as the bacon. cook until transparent.

Extra Special Tomatoes
Cut 4 tomatoes into quarters place on a large plate and season well with garlic salt and black pepper. Simple but really tasty. If you wish, the bacon, tomato and onions may be barbecued on a skewer. This is an excellent and delicious way to BBQ bacon.

The Bread Rolls
Lets make them special, cut the bread rolls twice, once near the base to accommodate the burger and again a little higher so that you can add your favourite salad or garnish.

You can do this now to save time later, butter the roll if you wish.
Burgers are also delicious if served in a toasted bread roll, but you will have to add the salad later.