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How to BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe

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How to BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe
  • How to BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe
  • How to BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe
  • How to BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe
  • How to BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe
Juicy and Tender BBQ Smoked Beef Brisket


Beef Brisket Joint
BBQ Spice Rub
Black Pepper
Virgin Olive Oil
Apple and Cherry Woodchips
Silver Foil


This super simple recipe will produce juicy tender beef and is well worth the wait.
A dish that is very popular in the USA for pot roasting and smoking.

Brisket is a cheaper cut than prime beef and has a marble effect which helps keep the meat moist during long periods of barbecuing.

To start, we rubbed the top fat and sides of the brisket joint with the BBQ spice rub and black pepper. The joint was left to stand for about an hour while we prepared the BBQ.

When the charcoal was ready, a mixture of apple and cherry wood was added to smoke tin and placed carefully on the white hot charcoal. In about ten minutes the woodchips began to smoke.

This is the right time to add the beef brisket to the BBQ, so that it will smoke seal.

After 4 hours at a temperature of 100C the brisket was basted with virgin olive oil to stop it from drying out.
Using a charcoal starter the coals were replenished.

A further 2 hours and the water bowl was removed and the brisket was wrapped in silver foil. this helped increase the cooking temperature due to the outside temperature being only 8C.

After the full 8 hours the foil was removed brisket was ready to eat.

BBQ Smoking Tips and Ideas

Beef brisket smoked slow for 8 hours with a mix of apple and cherry Wood.
Try this super barbeque beef brisket recipe slow water smoked beef, juicy and tender BBQ.

Adjust cooking times to suit barbecue temperature and outside conditions. Don't check the joint too often you will lose cooking heat. 

Don't let the joint dry out during barbecuing. Wrapping in silver foil will allow you to increase cooking time and help keep the joint moist.

A cooking thermometer will allow you to check that the correct internal temperature is reached (in the middle of the joint)

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