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Hickory Savu Smoker Bag

(Code: SAVU HIC)
Hickory Savu Smoker Bag
  • Hickory Savu Smoker Bag
  • Hickory Savu Smoker Bag
  • Hickory Savu Smoker Bag
  • Hickory Savu Smoker Bag
Imported from Finland where smoking food is a way of life for most families. Now they have perfected a unique way of smoking food indoors using a triple layer foil bag.

Trapped between the layer of foil are natural hickory woodchips and a hard wood syrup. No chemicals or additives, these smoke bags are a clean and effortless way of smoking meat and fish indoors or out.

How to use

To use the smoke bags just place your uncooked food inside the bag, seal and place in the oven, on the barbecue or embers of a campfire. No offending smoke just a super aroma will be emitted.

After the recommended cooking time is complete you will have a deliciously moist and naturally smoked dish. Each bag is designed to be used once so no washing up or cleaning just carefully discard.
Alder is mild and ideal for fish.
Hickory is stronger and is better for Meat.

Smoke food at a moment's notice effortlessly and with no mess.
If you wish you may cut and peel the foil back 20 minutes before the end of the cooking time, to brown your chosen dish.

Can be Used Indoors.