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Grizzly Spit Campfire BBQ Rotisserie

(Code: GRIZZ)
Grizzly Spit Campfire BBQ RotisseriePortable and motorized Grizzly Spit BBQ Rotisserie, for a roasted taste anytime, anywhere.

The Grizzly Spit Campfire BBQ Rotisserie is a portable rotisserie cooking system, it has been developed to cook up to an amazing 7Kg of food.

90cm Spit made from Steel and 2 X 62cm high painted steel supports.
The Grizzly Spit runs on two D size batteries.

Purposely designed for being used over an open fire when camping but equally at home over a fire pit.

With an amazing capacity of 3 medium chickens or a complete leg of lamb or pork.

Experience barbecuing using a rotisserie. This is a delicious and healthy way of cooking food over charcoal. Enjoy your barbecue party and let the rotisserie do all the work. Rotisserie barbecuing is self basting and it's easy to produce the most tasty barbecue ever! 

Grizzly Spit Campfire BBQ Rotisserie Includes:

Two Upright Poles that are pushed into the ground, grass or sand - on either side of the fire

A 90cm Crossbar Spit with Forks to lock the food into place

High Quality Battery operated motor - runs for nearly 20 hours

High Quality Canvas Storage Bag

Full instructions