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Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven

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Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
  • Grill and Bake Barbecue With Oven
DIY BBQ Brick Built Kit With Oven.

The DIY brick built barbecue just got better with this improved version that includes an oven. Bake bread, pizza and potatoes or just keep your barbecued food warm in this excellent addition to the basic grill.

The charcoal is placed on the middle tray so you can grill above while supplying heat to the oven below. Can be used without the oven if you wish. Also offers storage when not in use.

This barbecue is a great start for new builds and the standard size will allow you to replace or upgrade your cooking grill at a later date.

This build in barbecue is superior due to the handy built in oven. Keep your barbecue food warm, bake a pizza or try lovely hot bread rolls for your burgers.

Super quality and over double the amount of cooking area.
The charcoal is under the grill so you can grill your food as usual and the oven is under the charcoal giving you that extra versatility. (Bricks not included)

New: Improved black enamelled cooking grill.


This barbecue does come with an excellent building plan but a novice  should seek some advice and tips.  
Size: Large enamelled Grill area  62 X 36.5cm. Oven width 60.5cm
The maximum width of the assembly is 648mm and a depth of 365mm.
Assembly: Easy, 15 minutes if your brick barbecue is ready.

Ideal for grilling burgers, steaks and even pizza. Yes this one includes an oven, so you can bake and barbecue at the same time.
A good sturdy enamelled coated grill with removable handles.

Charcoal tray and oven below with an hinged door, ideal for baking bread or pizza.
Pizza grill not included.

Easy to assemble build in combination barbecue grill and oven.
We already had a brick built BBQ, so it was easy, just unpack, assemble and insert the tray, oven and grill into place.

Enamelled grill with handy detachable handles enables you to move the grill to different cooking heights.
Can be used without the oven.

How to Use the Grill and Bake Barbecue

The grill and bake DIY barbecue comes in a printed box and was very well packed with excellent wrapping and protective packaging.

If you have an already built DIY barbecue you should be able to fit quite easily. We did not have to use the brackets supplied.
You only have to assemble the side brackets and oven door handle. The oven door is already hinged and fitted.

Assembled the barbecue in 15 minutes and it slotted into our already built brick barbecue on the bottom support brackets. We placed 3 Kg of charcoal onto the tray and used charcoal fire lighters to light the charcoal.

While we were waiting we prepared the Belly pork and bacon skewers The temperature outside was only 7 degrees so we thought it would be a good test for the oven.

After around 15 to 20 minutes the charcoal should look like this and was ready to start barbecuing. We then put the chrome grill in place and left it a further 10 minutes to "burn in" and get really hot.

We spread the charcoal a little, to ensure heat distribution is evenly spread and to slow down the burning process. This also helps the oven to reach even heat over the whole internal area.
Always start barbecuing with the grill furthest away from the charcoal to avoid flare ups.

More Statistics:

Most brick built barbecues are around 670mm wide but measure yours to make sure before you purchase.
The total boxed weight is 14 kG

Always follow the manufacturers instructions included.
This barbecue does come with an excellent building plan but a novice  should seek some advice and tips.

Control: You must incorporate different cooking heights when building the bricks.

Cleaning: All parts easily removed for cleaning.


We loaded the grill with the five spice marinated belly pork, burgers and skewers.
When barbecuing meats always use tongs to move and turn the food, this way you will avoid flames and flare ups. Forks penetrate the meat and fat drips onto the charcoal causing a fierce fire and burns your food.

After around 15 minutes we put the pizza into the oven and closed the door. Due to the cold weather we did not check the pizza for 30 minutes so not to loose heat from the oven.
The pizza was cooked and ready to eat in 45 minutes, so in Summer this should only take around 30 minutes.


Great for designing your own outdoor kitchen and you can also store the grill assembly in the Winter.
The oven is a refreshing new idea and will add versatility to your barbecuing. We can't wait to try home baked bread rolls outside.
The only negative we found was the grill handles could have been a little more sturdy.
Once you have experienced having an oven included with your barbecue you'll wonder how you managed without one.

Please allow 3 to 4 days delivery.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Oven, charcoal tray, and grill fine. Instructions also clear. But the four grill brackets are so flimsy and badly made that the spot welding on one allowed one grill rest to come off as the bracket was being inserted into the wet mortar. Easily sorted by replacing the brackets with four 500mm L straps and 12 long engineering screws and nuts at a total extra cost of 8.12. Not bad enough to return the whole oven, but buyers should be aware of this one fault...
Malcolm B.