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Gas BBQ Accessories

Barbecue accessories including rotisserie kits and lava rock for gas BBQ's. Warming racks, gas regulators and low pressure hose for gas BBQ's, and guide books.
Heavy Duty 85cm Spit and Battery Motor Kit
Includes: Battery motor, spit rod, spit handle, heavy duty forks, balance, spit turning sleeve and spit handle.

Propane Clip on Regulator
Suitable for 5 and 13 Kg Patio Propane Calor gas cylinders (green Cylinders)

Regulator type : 27mm Clip on
Propane Screw on Regulator
Suitable for 3.9, 6 and 13 Kg Calor gas Propane cylinders (orange cylinders)

Regulator Type: POL screw connection

Butane Clip on Regulator
Suitable for 7 and 15Kg Butane Calor gas cylinders (Blue Cylinders for Calor gas heaters)

Regulator type: 21mm Clip on Butane  
Campingaz regulator
Enables cylinder connection low pressure appliances.

Operate off Campingaz® refillable Cylinders.
Landmann 3 Kg Lava Rock
Real Lava rock from Landmann
Suitable for replacing and topping up gas barbecue lava rock.

One box suitable for 2 burner gas barbecue.
Universal Mains Rotisserie Kit For Gas BBQ
Ideal For 2 and 3 Burner Gas BBQ's. Suitable for barbecues with sides at a maximum internal width of 80cm. 

Mains  motor is built with an on / off switch and a special reversing feature.