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Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ Red

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Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ Red
  • Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ Red
  • Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ Red
  • Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ Red
  • Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ Red
  • Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ Red
The Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ is available from Planet Barbecue and delivery is free.

Classic Kamado Joe Smoker BBQ

Kamado style ceramic cookers are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used for grilling and smoking but pizza can be cooked on a pizza stone and bread can also be baked.

This is by virtue of the excellent heat retention properties of the ceramic shell that mean temperatures of up to 750įF can be achieved.
One of the greatest rewards of owning a Kamado Joe grill is that itís more than just a grill. Itís a grill, a smoker and an oven all rolled into one.

Controlling the temperature inside your Kamado Joe is simple using your top and bottom air vents. The more open the vents, the more air that will be allowed to flow through the cooker and the hotter the temperature will be.

Modern Kamado Cookers

In the end, itís all about taste. One of the biggest advantages over gas grills is the pure smoky flavour, not to mention the tenderness of the food.

Modern Kamado style cookers are made from a variety of materials including high fire ceramics, refractory materials, traditional terra cotta and a mix of portland cement and crushed lava rock.

Outer surfaces also vary from a high gloss ceramic glaze, paint, textured stucco-like surface and ceramic tiles.
Kamado grills are generally fuelled by charcoal.

In addition to the outer ceramic shell there is a ceramic or stainless steel bowl inside the unit to hold the charcoal.
There is a draft opening in the lower side of the unit to provide air to the charcoal, as well as a controllable vent in the top of the dome lid or air to exit the cooker.

Temperature is controlled by adjusting these two vents. One or more grids are suspended over the fire to provide the cooking surface for the food.

Clay vessels have been used by humans to cook food for many thousands of years.
Clay cooking pots have been found in every part of the world and some of the earliest dated by Archaeologists to be over 3000 years old have been found in China.

It is believed that in these circular clay cooking vessels are the origins of the modern Kamado albeit the clay finally being superseded by ceramic materials.

The name "kamado" is, in fact, the Japanese word for "stoveĒ or "cooking rangeĒ.