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Buschbeck Venedig Grill Bar Masonry Barbecue

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Buschbeck Venedig Grill Bar Masonry Barbecue
  • Buschbeck Venedig Grill Bar Masonry Barbecue
  • Buschbeck Venedig Grill Bar Masonry Barbecue
  • Buschbeck Venedig Grill Bar Masonry Barbecue
In stunning a stunning pure white quartz finish the Buschbeck Venedig Grillbar has all the superb features of a standard Buschbeck barbecue / outdoor fireplace without a chimney.

The double skinned construction of the Venedig Grillbar means it can burn several different types of fuel allowing you to start off cooking on charcoal and then moving on to logs or firewood when you want to sit round the fireplace to keep nice and warm!

For grilling steaks and chops and for the best char-grilled flavour you can purchase the cast iron grill accessory. The combination of a cast iron grill and cooking over charcoal is the absolute best barbecue you can have.

Dimensions: H 93cm x W 110cm x D 65cm.
Weight: 280kg
Colour: White Quartz finish.

Cooking dimensions: 54cm x 34cm.
Fuels: Burns charcoal (briquettes or lumpwood) & logs or firewood.

Double skinned construction.
Steel reinforced components.

Heavy duty chrome cooking grill.
3 Adjustable cooking heights.

Burn Wood or Charcoal.

Buschbeck being the only brand of masonry barbecue to achieve the very stringent German TUV/GS safety standard, your Buschbeck Venedig Grillbar barbecue will last for many years to come.

The life expectancy of these barbecue fireplaces is very difficult to express but in Europe where Buschbeck barbecues are widely distributed it is not unusual to see ones that are in excess of 20 years old!

As far as maintenance goes there is little or nothing to do. the barbecue's appearance becomes at little "weathered" to your liking, simply use a jet wash to clean it down.

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Customer reviews
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Can't review if I haven't got it.
Paul J.
Shopping Satisfaction
Top quality piece of kit. Reassuringly heavy, comes with fire cement and full instructions. Hopefully this will be the end to me having to replace my gas BBQ every 2 years. Delivery was very fast. Haven't managed to use it yet as it's freezing outside...
Kevin N.