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Buschbeck Ifen Steel Fire Pit 120cm

(Code: FIREPIT_120CM)
£ 349.99
Buschbeck Ifen Steel Fire Pit 120cm
  • Buschbeck Ifen Steel Fire Pit 120cm
  • Buschbeck Ifen Steel Fire Pit 120cm
Ready to use out of the box.

Made from 2.5mm self oxidising steel, this 120cm fire pit requires no assembly.
Furthermore, with no assembly required it means there are no weak spots with this products design as everything is solidly welded together and no nuts and bolts to lose.

The three legged design gives great stability when used on uneven ground. 

Handles make this Buschbeck fire pit easy to move when not in use.

In addition, this is a super sturdy heavy duty steel fire pit manufactured in Europe exclusively to Buschbeck’s exacting specifications.

Above all, our Buschbeck fire pits, made from self oxidising steel, get a rustic look as time goes by. 
This enhances the natural patina and creates a wonderful ambience that every get together desires.

Features and Specifications:

Weight: 35.0kg

Dimensions: 120cm Diameter x 30cm Height
Assembly Time: 0 Minutes

Fuel Type: Charcoal and Firewood
Colour: Untreated steel
Material: 2.5mm self oxidising steel