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Bonfire Night BBQ Recipes

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Bonfire Night BBQ Recipes
  • Bonfire Night BBQ Recipes
  • Bonfire Night BBQ Recipes
  • Bonfire Night BBQ Recipes
Barbecuing at Night

October the 31st ghouls and ghosts. 5th of November, fireworks and fires.  2 reasons to arrange a barbecue party at night.
Night time barbecues can be great fun, especially with the right atmosphere and lighting. Today there are many  items available to create a super night time experience. Blankets will come in handy to cover legs and keep warm if it gets a little cold.

Night Time BBQ Experience and November the 5th is Ideal for a barbecue party. Also frogs legs in garlic oil super for a Winter barbecue party or firework night BBQ

Frogs legs in garlic flavoured olive oil. All we need now is a witches potion and a good ghost story.
You may be able to order frogs legs from your local deli. These were purchased in France, from the frozen section of the supermarket. Close your eyes and they taste just like sweet chicken. A night to remember!
You could try rabbit if you can't  get frogs legs.


Frogs Legs or
Rabbit legs
Olive Oil
Crushed Garlic
Black Pepper
Fresh Parsley
Silver Foil
Red Wine


Make sure the frogs legs have thawed completely before cooking.
Drizzle olive oil into prepared silver foil boats add crushed garlic and black pepper. Add the frogs legs and turn in the oil to coat
Place on the barbecue and cook using the direct cooking method for 20 minutes approx
Turn the legs half way through cooking using tongs. Serve with fresh parsley and a glass of blood (red wine)

BBQ Ideas and Tips

Roasted or baked potatoes from the oven is a good winter warmer and these can be prepared earlier.

Don't forget the decorative lighting to give  atmosphere. If you have any plain white or clear Christmas lights, dig them out and hang them around the seating area or perhaps a gazebo. Try candles inside lanterns or jars on the table to help you see the food.
Gazebo's are really handy if it rains or a passing shower arrives. They are affordable and you can use them for many years and it will enable your barbecue party go on well in to the night.

Make sure the barbecue is well lit with safe outdoor lighting, so you can see when the food is cooked.

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