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BBQ Recipes

Barbecue Recipes Cook and Enjoy Real Barbecue Food

Planet Barbecue cooked outdoors for over 14 years to compile these simple barbecue recipes. All photographed in natural sunlight (when available) from burgers to smoked salmon all the barbeque recipes were simplified to suit the British weather of short spells of sunshine and showers. So no long complicated barbecue recipes just simple food that can be prepared in minutes. If your new to barbecuing over charcoal start with how to light your BBQ

You don't have to follow the barbeque recipes to the letter but hopefully we can give some new ideas and help you explore the tasty world of cooking outdoors. The grilling barbecue recipes start with easy basics like burgers, sausages and steaks but using the techniques applied from these pages will improve your skills and surprise you with super results.

Then you can move on to indirect cooking (roasting) and smoking food on the BBQ to add more flavour.
How to BBQ Curry Recipe
Barbecue Chicken Korma
How to Use a BBQ Beer Can Chicken Recipe
Barbecue Beer can Chicken Using Guinness
How to BBQ Turkey Drumsticks Recipe
Butterflied BBQ Turkey Drumsticks with Chinese Hoisin and Plum Sauce
How to BBQ Fish Recipe
 Barbecue Mackerel with salad and Crusty sliced bread.
How to BBQ Mackerel With Lemon Recipe
       Barbecue Mackerel With Lemon            
How to BBQ Salmon Recipe
    Barbecue Salmon
How to BBQ Cod Recipe
Barbecue Fish, Cod Recipe
How to BBQ Tuna Fish Recipe
Barbecue Tuna Fish with Parsley and Garlic
How to BBQ Seafood Recipe
Barbecue Tiger Prawns
How to Make BBQ Sauce
Barbecue Sauce For the BBQ